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Zujava, have you heard of it?

If you love to write and want to earn extra income doing so then Zujava is for you.

Zujava is FREE to join and easy to learn, there are tutorials to guide you along the way and a great listing of FAQ. Zujava is somewhat new to the online revenue share writers’ arena but it will be one that will be around for the long haul and will grow rapidly in popularity. Why? Because it is a cool friendly site with an easy to understand interface and a loveable toucan mascot that just makes you smile.

Zujava is an entertaining writing platform where you show off your expertise, try out new writing styles, learn from others, and make extra money to put in your pockets or a back in your business.

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I started on Zujava only a couple months back and have published just 10 leaves so yes; I am but a newbie to Zujava. Let me tell you a bit about how it works.
You start out by selecting a username and password; your username will be visible on all your articles and is how other members can follow you so be sure it is a good one. Before diving right into the writing I would suggest you fill out your profile and definitely add a profile picture it’s a great way for people to relate to you and it makes you more believable.

Each article you write is called a Leaf and each Leaf you write must contain original content, no duplicating or plagiarizing and yes, they do monitor each and every leaf. You build each leaf by adding “Sections” of content. These Sections can be Rich Text Fields, Image Galleries, YouTube Videos, or Lists. They can also be means of making money if you select from the Amazon or eBay sections or add affiliate links to your Rich Text Fields.

Everyone starts out in what is called the Petting Zoo where your first leaves are reviewed by the Zujava staff to be sure you are presenting quality leaves filled with worthy original content They also verify that you give appropriate credit with clickable links for all photos and images included in your leaf. It does take a while for the staff to review your first 3 leaves so be patient.

Once they do you will receive an email notification explaining any issues they had with your first leaves and they may offer some great advice. I stress here not to be in a hurry, review your leaf for proper spelling and grammar and be sure to give proper photo credit. That is something I thought I had prepared but alas not correctly so even though I tried to remain patient I was now part of the delay.

Getting those first few leaves published is exciting, you get to see your work in print and share it with the world. How cool is that! After your first 3 leaves are accepted you can publish as many leaves and as often as you desire.

I have enjoyed writing on Squidoo and like Zujava a lot. The structure and feel is very similar to Squidoo as it is a somewhat playful and light hearted environment where the members are friendly and supportive. Plus as the new kid on the block membership is nowhere near the magnitude of Squidoo which means the competition is less but readership is growing and you are getting in on the ground floor.

Give Zujava a try, create a masterpiece, and add to your Work at Home income! – Plus it’s Free!  


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