Your Desk is Making You Fat, Dumb, and Happy

fat, dumb, and happyFor some time we have acknowledged that sitting for hours at our desks may not be the healthiest manner of working, but when you are a blogger or Internet marketer it seems to be one of the hazards of the job. Now it appears things are worse than we thought – research indicates that your desk may actually be making you fat, dumb, and happy.

I recently read an article in Inc. Magazine on the topic of how our desks are not only trying to kill us, but they are also making us stupid. Stupid! Think about that, while we spend hours coming up with ideas, writing our blog posts, and trying to be creative, our desks are actually making us stupid.

Here’s the link to the entire article “Your Desk Is Making You Stupid”.

As we work away, it appears we are oblivious to the subtle changes taking place in our minds and bodies. But fortunately the situation is not dire – there is a silver lining if we take action based on the researcher’s findings.

The Research

The article discloses the findings of a German researcher who looked at the correlation between walking and memory enhancement. To paraphrase the article, researchers found that your mother’s advice warning you not to walk and chew gum at the same time may have been all wrong.

The study suggests that the inactivity of sitting at our desks slows our working memory and in a sense makes us dumber. Curiously, the same is true when we walk at a steady pace. Adult and child subjects were tested while walking at a steady pace and at varying speeds while carrying out various mental activities. The results found that mental performance was actually improved by walking at a varying pace. It appears multitasking is actually good for our minds!

Walking at an alternating pace is beneficial to memory function!

This is great news because I once had a treadmill and found it to be one of the most boring forms of exercise around. Yes I am aware that my treadmill allowed me to alter the speed as well as the incline but I was still bored by the fact that I was walking and not really getting anywhere.

Recently I’ve increased the amount of time I walk outdoors which even though it’s still winter is more enjoyable than walking on that treadmill. This report actually gives me new hope that I might even be able to awaken a few sleeping brain cells along the way. All I need do is vary my speed and listen to podcasts on my walks. I might even be adventurous and toss in chewing gum.

So if indeed sitting at my desk tapping away at my keyboard is making me fat, dumb, and happy, it may be the motivation I need to get up, get going, and get outdoors walking.

Maybe I should start another blog to chronicle my walking, weight loss efforts, and the effect on memory. It would certainly make me accountable. I’d hook on my handy pedometer, this is it here

 I really like it because I can hook it onto my shoe or jeans pocket and it tracks everything – steps, distance, calories burned, and the battery lasts and lasts.


This is the Omron unit I had before, which worked pretty well too.


Then I’d establish my weight loss goal, measure my distance and the number of steps walked, and somehow determine if I was able to awaken any brain cells. This really sounds like I’m talking myself into accepting the challenge, and I really do enjoy a good challenge. Stay tuned for the announcement because it would be great to have you come along.

Little did I know that one little article had the potential to be life changing?

I am going to defeat my desk – no longer is it going to make me fat, dumb, and happy!
How about you? Order your pedometer and let’s get walking.


Marilyn T


  1. I’ve tried the standing desk thing, but I’m still just standing in one place, so the blood flow still isn’t really happening. It might be a tiny step above sitting, but not much… One of the things I hate about having an online business is simply that I don’t get to move enough.

    The cool thing would be if we could blog and do other computer work while walking!!! That’s what we need. There are devices where we can talk and record our voice, and then use software or pay someone to transpose our recordings into written work, but obviously paying someone would cost money, and the software doesn’t always work right. I also don’t really want to walk down the street talking to myself, lol 😉

    • Hi Lisha,

      So good to see you here! I wish I had the techie talents to design that device, I’d make a mint. Any more with cell phones and headsets seems we see many people walking down the street talking to themselves 🙂

  2. Great post! I’ve been needing to lose some weight for a while. I know that i need to get off my butt more often, but it is hard when there is so much work to do! This post really makes me realize that I’ll end up getting more done if I take some quick walk breaks once in a while.



    • You’re not alone Michael, we all spend too much time working at the computer. When I do pull myself away it’s pretty refreshing. Thanks for the visit!

  3. I love this post! One thing that helps guarantee you get your walking in is adopting a dog. I have two and I don’t have many days when I don’t have to walk, even if I’m not motivated.

    • Thanks so much Jen!

      You are so right about adopting a dog. We adopted a 7ish year old English Cocker Spaniel about 5 years ago and he loves his walks in any kind of weather. We actually just returned home after a walk in the rain. : )

  4. Marilyn I would love to join in with you. I’m starting a weight loss blog too, well you know I’m a niche person so it’s specific to a product line lol but my big ol butt needs it. I’d love to support each other in our efforts!

    • Hey Misty,
      Love to have you follow along, it would make it fun and ever so much more challenging since you’ll have a weight loss site too. I’m thinking mine would be rather casual, supportive, and hopefully mutually self-fulfilling, with a few promotions of course. I’ll announce the launch soon.

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