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Start a Review Blog


Looking to launch an internet business but don’t how or where to start? A review blog might be just perfect for you. Just Add Sweat offers advice and information on starting your own home business, click here to find out more

Start a Craft Blog

Crafting can be a serious addiction and you need an outlet! Why not turn your love of crafts into a business? It’s easy if you get the right advice. Click here to visit Just Add Sweat and find out how to start a crafts blog that will make you money.


Start a Recipe Blog

Do you love to cook? Well, here’s something to think about if you want to make money on the internet. Starting a blog on cooking and recipes is an easy way to get going building an income online. Get real advice on how to do it here



Connie Regen Green is a proven leader in showing bloggers how to make money online. This audio CD covers topics like:
Choosing Your Niche, and Why It Matters…
Finding Products and Services To Promote Quickly…
Writing Product Reviews That Create Sales…
Creating Content With Blogging …


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