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Aka: Fab Friday Blog Share 31

Hello here we are at the end of January, the days do go by quickly don’t they.

I have much to catch up on so part of this weekend will need to be spent working, which certainly is not usually for most of us. I will though be glued to the television come Sunday afternoon to see our Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII.

In years past I’d simply watch for the great commercials, but not this year it’s going to be a great match up. If you’re tuning in as well watch for our gigantic 12th man flag which has been signed by hundreds of Seahawk devotees.

Go Hawks!

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Now for the real reason you’re here I suppose – the blog posts worthy of sharing this week.

Please enjoy –

1. Super image editing resources for social media and more – Engaging Images

2. Not really for business but some pretty crafty life hacks – 50 Life Hacks

3. Another option to Google Alerts that looks interesting – Use Mention

4. More terrific writing advice from Problogger – Write From You Heart

5. Tips on how to get your blog post read – Opening Lines


This Week’s Entertainment –

You may have seen this clip of a young virtuoso’s appearance on the Ellen Show floating around Facebook, but if not you really need to watch. This kid is amazing!

When Ellen Met Elias –


Marilyn T



  1. Awesome links this week! Love those infographic sites!

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