Working at Home and Starting the Day on the Right Foot

work-life-homeStarting the day on the right food is oh so crucial to having a happy and productive day.

How do you start yours? Do you have a plan? Do you wake up knowing what you want to do or what you need to do? Or do you fumble around for a while and hope that the day finds its own direction. As someone who Works at Home I hope you are of the first group.

Now that doesn’t mean you wake up wide-eyed and bushy tailed as they say, all perky and raring to go. Most of us don’t, I know I need my morning juice and breakfast to really get moving.

Maybe you’re not a morning person and that is one reason you love working at home. You can get up at noon and go to bed at 1 AM and feel energized and that’s terrific because it is still all about starting the day on the right foot.

Finding your daily routine is essential for finding the most productive you. Now of course that means finding a balance with the other facets of your life as well, like taking the kids to school, fixing the meals, and paying the bills. Finding that routine is about building habits and one of my habits is making lists and having a plan.

I usually make a list for the week and break it done to daily lists. It includes the personally things like medical appointments I need to do and naturally the business things I need to accomplish. It also includes reminders of articles I put aside to read later, training videos I need to re-watch, and other items that I just need to find time to get to.

The great part about a Work at Home business is that I can change these lists. I can adapt my day because I only have myself and my customers to answer to. If I am really on task about blog topics then I can write three or four for posting throughout the week. When I am in a really focused writing mood then that is what I do that day, I write as the thoughts and words just come together easier.

Maybe those weren’t the exact items on my list that day but they ending up being productive days and I realign my lists. After all the lists are really just my road maps. They are he methods I use to stay on track just like the motivational words posted around my computer. They’re that kick in the butt that says “what are you doing, are you working on making an income or wandering off somewhere?

I have put together a list of 10 Tips for Making Lists and Getting Things Done and have Big Picture, Weekly, and Daily List Cheat Sheets to share if you are not currently a big list person. If you would like a free copy just subscribe below and I’ll send them straightaway.


As always, to your success!
Marilyn T    


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