Work Smarter not Harder

work smarter not harderWhether you think you can or that you can’t, you are usually right.”
~ Henry Ford

I read this quote again this morning and thought what a perfect statement for a Monday the start of a new week. Each Monday morning I look at my To-Do list from the previous week to pull out what I hadn’t accomplished that maybe I should have. I think about what got in the way to keep me from completing the tasks. Whether I was short on blog posts, I hadn’t completed the weekly freebie for my list, or whatever it was, I look at what stopped me from reaching my weekly goal.

Some weeks the detours end up being just fine and I place the items on this week’s list, sometimes I just put too many items on my weekly list feeling a bit ambitious I guess when I put them there. But that’s a good thing because I have much I want to accomplish. I have much to do to in building my Internet business. And I am not afraid to make that list long.

As you know from one of my earlier posts I make lists to keep me focused on my target. I make lists because I know I can make it and I intend to be right. I make lists because I prefer to work smarter not harder.

So today I ask you what is on your list, do you have a written list or is it in your head? If it is not written down grab a pen or pencil and write it down. Write it down so it can talk to you. Write it down to insure you take action.

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To your Success!
Marilyn T




  1. I really like this post. I read your comments all the time at Tiffany Dow’s site. I really, really like the sign to my left over here, “There are seven days in a week….” That’s good. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Marilyn I have to admit that I’ve stopped writing it down. I was so good for a while then I just forgot. I just seem to do the same things every day – write, research, write some more, read blogs and comment. Looking at my last list from about two weeks ago I can see I can cross off most of it.

    I’m going back to my weekly/daily to do list. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • hi Kathy, nice to meet you.
      I know how it is. I stopped for awhile thinking that all I was doing was making lists but now I really try to look at them objectively and list items truly focused on my goals. It really drives me to get moving.

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