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covert messengerHave you noticed anything new on my blog? Nope the colors didn’t change. Nope I didn’t change the layout. If you said “hey, there’s a new pop-up” then you’d be right.

I found a fabulous new plug-in that I absolutely had to purchase and let me tell you why. Normally when I get emails about products like this I might check them out but 99% of the time I click away and definitely don’t listen to their upsells or OTO. But this time was different.

Take a look down there in the lower right corner, that’s where you’ll see the new plugin. It is called Covert Messenger and you can check it out here without reading my review if you like. Covert Messenger Click Here

What makes it different –

Yes, it’s an ad pop-up window and we’ve seen many of them but this is more like an instant messenger window which is one reason I like it. It can be used for whatever you like – entice people to check out your own product promotions, an affiliate product, or write a simple statement / request like I have.

The idea is to grab your reader’s attention in a subtle, non-invasive manner that encourages click through. I feel it’s much friendlier than those large in-your-face pop-up ads that interrupt your reading and force you to do something to make them go away.

How it works –

Covert Messenger has five template layouts so you can choose whichever looks best on your blog or website. Simply enter your “from” text, your “message”, the URL address you want your reader to go to when they click, and where the messenger box will be located on your site.

You then decide if you want the ad to display everywhere or only on your front page and you set the display intervals to delay, stay open on the page, or to display – hide- and then reappear at preset intervals.

It is super easy and honestly takes a few short minutes to set-up. This is a screenshot of the dashboard –

Covert Messenger dashboard















What it costs –

Covert Messenger is incredibly affordable, only $17. Plus they have fabulous support. The plugin is created by the IM Wealth Builder team that designs many of the most popular IM products on the  market. I contacted support over a very simple problem and they responded in almost moments. Actually it wasn’t a problem at all, simply operator error if you will and all was good even without their intervention.

They say the price will be going up to $67 but I have no idea when, if I were you I would not wait. Increase your conversions and get your reader to click on your ads. Take action today!


What do you think of Covert Messenger?

Marilyn T


  1. I bought this product and installed it. One of the problems I had with it is that it wouldn’t show all the ads that I setup. I bought the PRO version which meant I could display 15 ads, yet only 5 of them would show.

    I got disgusted with it and removed it until I had more time to play with it. IT DID work though, btw… I got affiliate sales as a result of using this plugin. It’s a fantastic piece of software if only it would work properly for me!

    Yet, Tiffany, the less technical person seems to have hers working just fine. Go figure. 🙂

    • That’s odd you had problems with your version, did you contact support they were very obliging when I needed to. Mine is just the basic version because I didn’t think I needed the extra ads at this point in time.

      Yeah, Tiff’s site is where first saw it but didn’t know what it was called then.

  2. I’ve seen this type of popup on several sites and although it is not as intrusive as others, I prefer not to see any at all. My opinion as someone who is visiting a blog or website. It may work for the blog owner, but not for me as the read. I am interested in seeing how it works for you in the long run.

  3. Marilyn,

    I purchased Covert Messenger and Covert Content, which is an Amazon affiliate plugin. I have yet to install either one of them. I think the tricky part is displaying a message that’s enticing enough for someone to click-thru. But I agree, it’s a great tool. Perhaps one day soon, I’ll take mine out of the box and play with it. 🙂

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Yes they are both great products. When you take Messenger out of the box, I’d be interested to know what kind of response you get. I know those who have good traffic to their site really love the plugin and many of the other Covert products.

  4. Very cool Marilyn. How’s the response of it? Are people actually using it yet or is it still fairly new on your site?

    • Hi Misty,

      It’s been on the site about two weeks now and I’ve not seen much traffic, but that could be because of the question I asked. People may not have a question to ask me and therefore won’t click. I’ll swap it out soon with other text for testing. I’ve noticed the plugin on other sites and have even clicked myself, but couldn’t find what it was until the email promo. I think it’s fabulous idea.

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