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WordPress WednesdayHello again, and welcome to another installment of WordPress Wednesday. I know many reading here probably understand the ins and outs of WordPress better than most but for those not so advanced, let me introduce to you what I feel is the best WordPress training course around.

WordPress Crash Course

When I decided to pursue a business on the Internet I heeded the advice of many professional bloggers and decided to build my site using WordPress. I don’t have a computer programming background and I didn’t have the time to learn HTML code in depth. So to me, WordPress became the obvious answer.

I selected my web hosting company, bought a domain, and had just one problem – I knew WordPress was the right choice but I had no idea how or where to start. Sigh.

So I did what we all do when that happens – I searched the web. I Googled “WordPress training” and found an endless array of classes and tutorials, some free, some for pay, some on YouTube, and some that were just terrible. I learned much from a number of sources but when I found WordPress Crash Course, I struck gold!

The price for the complete course is a one-time fee of $47, which I is extremely reasonable for the value delivered. I found courses asking $97 or even a monthly fee which to me is pretty crazy. Let me tell you – this was the best $47 I have ever spent!

WordPress Crash Course is a super tutorial for the beginner – for the person who has never built a WordPress site of any kind before. It is also a good find for those who know the basics but are struggling with mastering WordPress on their own. When you’re new to this entire Internet marketing stuff it can be a bit overwhelming – WordPress Crash Course can help!

If you’re at the point where you don’t know the difference between a page, a post, or a permalink, then this course is for you. If you’re unfamiliar with uploading files to your server FTP site, then this course is for you.

Even after completing the WordPress Crash Course I have referred back to it many times when something just didn’t work like I thought it should. The course is broken down into easy to understand modules so that you can hop right back to whatever topic you need to review.

WordPress Crash Course is condensed and focused so you can learn quickly but at your own pace. It really is true that you can have a blog or website up in a day. Ready to check it out? Click the banner now –


Let me breakdown what I like about the WordPress Crash Course by John Piteo

  1. The course is available totally online so there is nothing to download and store on your computer
  2. Watch whenever, wherever you have an Internet connection
  3. It’s split up into 40 step-by-step videos each about 4 – 5 minutes long that cover one topic at a time.
  4. Example topics include: Lesson 8 & 9 – Configuring WordPress, parts 1 & 2 Lesson 13 – Working with Pages Lesson 16 – Installing a Sitemap Lesson 19 – Using Sidebar & Footer Widgets Lesson 21 – Adding a YouTube Video Lesson 27 – Adding an Opt-In Form Lesson 37 – Uploading Files with FTP
  5. John speaks in a clear and easy to understand manner and stays on subject
  6. The videos are superb, the best I’ve seen, clean and on point
  7. You can work along with the videos, just have your WordPress site open in another tab or window and hit pause to actually try it out as he explains each session
  8. John’s support is excellent, he really answers emails and does so fairly quickly


Watch a WordPress Crash Course sample lesson here –  


Marilyn T

P.S – Are you already comfortable with WordPress? Grab it as a gift for a very appreciative friend


  1. Great to know of a course that offers an “all in one” package – and has great support!

  2. It’s always nice to find a course that does what it promises and is worth the money you paid. Glad you hear you had a good experience.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will keep it in mind if anyone asks me for info on WordPress. I’m sure I don’t know all there is to know and this would be much better.

    Missy Bell

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