Why You Should Have a Blog Editorial Calendar

blog-editorial-calendar-todayI spent much of yesterday morning building my blogging calendar for the next few weeks. Want to know why I did that?

One reason – To stay focused

See unlike many bloggers I seldom run out of topic ideas for blog posts, instead I tend to have an abundance of ideas. So what’s the problem, you ask? I get easily distracted by these topic ideas popping into my head and drift away from what I should really be focusing on.

So I generated a blog editorial calendar that I can refer to daily to keep me on task and on track. This blog calendar is every bit as important to my site as the WordPress plugins I choose to help make the most of my blog efforts.

There are 3 things to remember when you become serious about blogging –

  • Get Organized and Become Focused on the Topic of your Blog
  • Create a Blogging Calendar Listing Post Topics
  • Maintain a Blogging Schedule

Get Organized and Focused on the Topic of your Blog

When you begin to blog on a regular basis it can be embarrassing and will hurt your blog traffic if you start abandoning your blog or venture off topic. When you’re scattered, it confuses the readers, search engine bots, and most importantly you.
I know – I’ve been there!

  • Take the time to pinpoint the reason you blog
  • Ask yourself what you feel your audience is looking for
  • Make a list of blog topics

Begin by brainstorming ideas. Simply toss out ideas and then look them over again and hang onto those that are on target. If you wait for inspiration to strike as you sit down to write you may very well be disappointed. This also helps to act as a pair of blinders for those days when you seem to be waffling or are easily distracted by those bright shiny objects.

Create a Blogging Calendar Listing Post Topics

A blog editorial calendar is just as it sounds, a map or schedule for your blogging efforts. I put mine together in Microsoft Excel because I love Excel. You can use any program you like, there are a slew of actual blogging calendar programs, such as from this site – http://www.pdfcalendar.com/monthly/ – or you can use an actual calendar and jot down your ideas.

Don’t start writing at this point. Simply, write down the blog topic or title on specific days of the week – not in a list for the entire week, actually on a particular day. This will set a deadline for your posts that will hold you accountable. Think about how much time you have to write these posts to help determine how many articles you can generate each week.

This is also a good way to keep a pattern to your posts. Let’s suppose you have a blog about raising dogs, your list of topics may look like this –

  • Breed selection –articles on the temperament and traits of specific dog breeds and what type of home is best
  • Caring for your dog –articles on the decision to handle all grooming needs at home or seek a qualified groomer
  • Behavioral issues – articles on training, finding a dog trainer, curbing unwanted behaviors

You blog posts are on topic and easy for your readers to follow.

Maintain a Blogging Schedule

It is important that you begin creating your content and publish it on a regular blogging schedule. Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. If you can only post once or twice per week then do that and stick to it.

If your blog is part of your business you will need to post on a more frequent schedule, some say daily. You should really want to blog and look forward to waking up in the morning anxious to get to work. After all, you’re building a business.

Your editorial calendar will help you do this. Check back to it each day to ensure that you are on course. I add a catch up day each week to my blogging calendar because there are often unplanned events that may interrupt my schedule. I find that this becomes a free day if I’m on schedule or a day to relieve stress if I’m not.

Do you have a blog editorial calendar?

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Marilyn T


  1. I’ve use the Editorial Calendar on and off. I certainly find it helps to plan the posts in advance, otherwise I waste time thinking about what to blog about today. And it allows you to preschedule them too!

  2. So agree on the need for a planned calendar!

    You can do it for any period – a month, a quarter, etc. if you have a day when you’re in the mood and have the time you can knock out a few posts because you’ve got a roadmap. Write, schedule them in and you’re done!

    Wish I followed my own advice 🙂 Good article!

    • Exactly Mel!

      I find that the calendar does help me focus and occasionally one intended post becomes two because the thoughts are flowing. So glad to see a new visitor here!

  3. I don’t have a blogging schedule at the moment but it does seem like a great idea. I just slapped a post-it on my desk, next to my computer, with a couple article ideas. Something I noticed is that when you force yourself to write something for your own blog every day it turns into a habit and the ideas keep flowing.

    Great article.

    • Hello Timothy,

      I definitely agree – it so much easier when your thoughts are focused and directed to the tasks at hand. Maintaining a calendar has had a tremendous impact on what I accomplish.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Marilyn, once again, it seems that you are speaking directly to me. I don’t have a calendar but I have lists in Word docs filled with the ideas that pop into my head daily. This is not efficient and I really do need to plan an organized schedule.

    There were other recommendations that I need to institute from your post. Thanks so much for writing on this topic. It is getting me closer to getting more organized and efficient with my blogging.

    • Rochelle,
      I’m so glad I can be of help! I know exactly what it’s like to have idea notes all over as I still do that too. But when I organize them on the blog calendar I find that I actually act upon them.

  5. I have used them in the past, but always get side tracked by life.

    One thing I use because I’m so visual is a plugin for my wordpress blogs that shows the month at a glance and any post titles that are scheduled in each day. Visually, I can double check my posting schedules that way.

    However, when it comes to brainstorming my topics and ideas, using a pen and paper is much more theraputic and “sticky” for me.

  6. This sounds a lot like me. I’m easily distracted when online (shopping is all too easy when I’m sat here haha). I try to have specific days for certain topics but sometimes something I find really interesting will crop up and then I want to post on it then and there. Sometimes it will generate loads of interest, other times not so much.

    How’s the pinging going by the way?

    Louise x

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