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Aka: Fab Friday Blog Share 28

Happy Friday to you!
If you’ve been with me for a while you know that each Friday I publish an article listing five blog posts that I found worthy of sharing. They’re typically aimed at improving or blogs and business and are posts that I’ve learned something from and thought you may as well.

Each was titled Fab Friday Blog Share with the #, so why isn’t this one you may ask. Well because I read an article the other day that pointed out that using the same title or similar title repeatedly on your site hurts search engine ranking. Their actual wording was: Avoid repeated or boilerplate titles.

So moving forward the Fab Friday post will have unique titles, we’ll see how creative I can be : ). For your viewing pleasure are this week’s blog posts for sharing – and of course the weekly entertainment.

Please enjoy –

1. Great tips on setting up your social media profiles – Click Here

2. A great post for making sure our focus is going in the right direction – Click Here

3. If you’re one that makes New Year’s resolutions, you will want to read this – Click Here

4. I very much admire Barbara Corcoran’s business sense and here she delivers a wise message for any business – Click Here

5. Interesting alternative ideas for monetizing your blog – Click Here

Today January 10th, would have been the birthday of my grandfather, comedian Paul Lynde, and French designer Coco Chanel. It is also the birthday of Pat Benatar and Rod Stewart who I’m pretty sure my grandfather would not have chosen to listen to.

This week’s entertainment: “Reason to Believe” performed by Rod Stewart

Marilyn T


  1. Great variety of sites. It’s great to find some new resources to inspire me 🙂

  2. Great resources!

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing this type of post at a couple of my blogs. Do you get more, less, or the same amounts of traffic to this kind of post?

    • Hi Jenn,
      I don’t know that I get more traffic but I do usually get a few more comments and like to think I’m introducing a new thought or two to those that visit. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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