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Happy Friday BabyHello and happy Friday to you. In going through my email this morning I received an intriguing correspondence from Host Gator, maybe you did too. Their lead in stated simply “marilynthompsonsolutions.guru Can Be Your New Web Address”.

How about that -no hard work – no real effort at all – simply the cost of a new domain name – and I can become a guru

Somehow I don’t have much faith that you would believe I was a great and powerful guru simply by grabbing a new domain name. It’s something like a little girl dressing up like a princess so that she can imaginarily believe that she is. We as parents know that she’s our little princess but I’m pretty sure no country will honestly claim her as their royal princess.

As you know, numerous new domain name suffixes are now available – I wrote about it here New Domain Name Extensions Are On the Horizon  if you haven’t heard. If you’re tired of the standard (dot) com, net, org, and info you can get creative using one of the new suffixes. It will be interesting to see how they are used and how easily the general Internet user will adapt to them.

Since in reality I’m not a true guru (yet) . . . . . I give you this week’s Fab Friday Blog Share.
Please enjoy!

1. Did you know the look of Facebook is changing? – New Facebook Page Timeline: 4 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare 

2. More of the bloggers lament of not enough traffic – Dear HubSpot: My Mom Is the Only Person Reading My Blog 

3. Need some creativity tips? – How to Boost Your Creativity in 5 Easy Steps 

4. Wise words from the late great Maya Angelo – Leadership Lessons from Maya Angelou 

5. Focus on your reader – Getting Read: Essentials to Making Your Article Worth It 

Now for this week’s entertainment – 

In some ways a science lesson that makes me hungry.

Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?


Marilyn T


  1. That e-mail was disturbing, and I agree with Avery. I hate the fact that if you plug in the wrong extension, you never know what you may get (porn, etc.) I’ve been shocked on more than one occasion!
    Whitney recently posted…I Don’t Know How You Do ItMy Profile

    • Welcome Whitney,

      You are so correct that the new extensions can be ripe for spammers and hackers, that’s why I agree that most serious bloggers and website owners won’t make the change soon.

  2. I’m thinking that spammers are probably going to use these new domain name extensions. My guess is it’d be wise to wait and see if the general public accepts domain extensions like .tips or .plumbing before jumping in. It’s important that we select extensions that consumers are willing to trust. Until then, I’ll just sit tight…
    Avery recently posted…1 Week Business Buddy ChallengeMy Profile

  3. Great pic (love that baby) and list today Marilyn. I also got that email from Hostgator and didn’t buy my name either. I feel like I am learning as much as anyone else from writing my blog and reading comments and I always have the impression of a guru as someone who thinks they know it all already.
    Ana recently posted…Is Technology Ruining Relationships?My Profile

    • Hi Ana,

      Yeah, it’s an eye catching photo isn’t it. I doubt I’ll ever really be a guru and I’m not so sure I want to be but I do enjoy building my online business.

      Thanks for stopping by have a great night.

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