Wait Don’t Pull Out Your Wallet!

buy nowAnyone who has been involved in Internet marketing for very long knows that there are numerous reports, eBooks, and follow-along guides on the market that can seriously waste your time and money.

But to be fair, on the positive side there are many that will literally grow your business as if you had a personal mentor standing right beside you.

In an effort to help you find more of the “good” than “bad” there’s a process you should go through for sizing up these tutorials and training resources. Many newbie online marketers get so lost with this process that they end up buying anything and everything because they’re simply grasping at straws. They have yet to come up with a clear direction and plan and ultimately end up with a lot of anger, frustration, and lighter wallets because most of what they invested in was worthless.

If this sounds all too familiar, trust me you’re not alone. To some degree it happens to all newbie bloggers and online marketers, but I’m going to give you some tips on how to stop the cycle.

Here’s what you need to think about each time you feel that urge to whip out your credit card or PayPal account to spend money on yet another Internet marketing guide:

1. Ask yourself out loud if you can you afford it?
Now don’t laugh. This is a crucial piece of the formula. You want to hear yourself actually ask if you can afford the purchase just as you would hear your child ask for a new toy.

Ask yourself if this purchase is a want or a need. Will you still be able to pay the utilities if you make the purchase? Seriously, if your electric company just sent you a notice to either pay the $97 you owe or you’ll be without lights and heat next week, then by all means pay up and pass on the $97 Watch Over My Shoulder guide that professes to help you make double your money in the next 48 hours.

2. Do you know the author?
If you have purchased great stuff from them before then it may stand to reason that you will benefit from their latest product. But if you are unfamiliar with the author do a bit of Sherlock Holmes sleuthing to discover what type of reputation this guy or gal has online.

It’s pretty easy to check out most everyone to read about the quality of their material. If you see far more complaint comments than you do kudos, or upsells after upsells, this may be a caution flag waving at you to slow down and pass on this invaluable guide.

3. How many added bonuses are they pushing?
This is the one that drives me absolutely nuts! A sure sign of a mediocre product is when the author haphazardly throws together an online marketing guide based on catch phrases and over saturated trends.

They toss a pile of bonus items into the mix hoping that you’ll forget how dissatisfied you were with the initial product and you’ll feel the bonuses were actually well worth the investment. Always remember that bonuses are supposed to be free, yes free – otherwise they are not bonuses, instead they are simply upsells. If you see a list of 50 bonus items, ask yourself why the product owner feels so desperate to pack them on.

4. Do you need it or want it?
As I mentioned before, this is an important question. There are many things that we think we need but take a moment to reflect on how many similar products you purchased that are simply collecting dust, even digital dust.

Ask yourself why you need the product right now. What tasks are you working on right this second to get your business off the ground? Then ask if this product will help in regards to something you’re currently doing and having trouble with. Ask if this product will push your efforts and business forward. Don’t go buy that guide on Google Adwords if you don’t intend to add them to your site. You can probably start with some free information to see if it’s even anything you’d want to tackle.

5. Act on it
If you decide that the report, eBook, or follow-along guide is worth your hard earned money then be all means act on it. Add it to your “here and now” to-do list and take action. Read it, follow the instruction, possibly even read it again, but certainly take action. That is the only way to make it a worthwhile purchase.

We all have stacks of purchases we have made with good intentions and you may even go through the tips I’ve mentioned here and still fall into a trap or two, sorry I offer no guarantees. But I believe they will help you limit those missteps.

A super resource I’ve found for helping me come to these conclusions and put more of my purchase to good use is the Shiny Object Syndrome by Tiffany Lambert (previously Tiffany Dow). If you’ve been reading here awhile you know that I’m a huge fan of her work and this is simply gold.

Shiny New Object Syndrome







Do you agree with my tips and the free price you paid or would you prefer a refund?


Marilyn T



  1. I shy away from buying ebooks and guides online to almost anything “making money” related and stick to how to or self help style books. I have bought some in the past, but most just seem to be overhyped sales letters that didn’t have any other than general info anyone could get by googling for awhile. Now I will admit, I buy a ton of Kindle books at .99 cents here and there for even up to $2 and $3, but big investment items, I’ve just been burned by too much and never really found all that much value to them.

    • Yeah, that’s a good indicator of material to shy away from Misty, especially if it includes the words – millionaire or guru. I find it interesting too that there are so many Kindle books priced at $0.00 simply so they can sell you something once you weaken and download their book. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Grasping at straws seems to be the NORM among starting entrepreneurs, but I find that this happens simply because the person has no clue what they want to become known for, online.

    Most don’t understand what a “niche” is and end up buying everything because they don’t want to miss out on the “one thing” that can help make them famous.

    • You hit the nail on the head Bonnie! Until you have an idea of where you want to go there’s no way you’ll get there, but somehow that’s not so easily recognized when starting out. The Shiny New Object book was really a great purchase for opening my eyes. (Along with your wise words)

  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Oh yes, I know the feel quite well. When I first started doing Internet Marketing, I felt that I needed to have everything. Everything looked cool, but I wasn’t making money by consuming so much education and not taking any action! Fortunately today, it’s no longer the case!

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