What am I Going to Do, How am I Going to Get There

A Lesson in Vital Factors

vital factorsA couple posts back I talked about the importance of making lists which is the #7 tip in my soon to be released FREE Work at Home Guide. The process of making lists helps keep us on track for reaching our goals, you can read that post here.

Items on our lists are more than tasks; they are more than just the stepping stones for reaching our goals. They should be a method of talking to ourselves. So today my post is about putting the items on our lists into action.

Taking action is really what our business is all about. If we just have thoughts, ideas, plans, and no action well we really have nothing at all.

Grab your big idea list, that list that shows what you want to complete in your business this year. This is the big picture list that you breakdown into smaller lists or action steps. These action steps are what I call the vital factors, they outline what I am going to do and how am I going to get there.

These vital factors make our goals measurable, they are our blueprint, they help us monitor our steps and set a timeline, and they hold us accountable. The end result is we get things done. Let’s take a look at two examples.

In joining the Tiffany Dow Challenge my goal is to become a better blogger and to build my list. Part of the blueprint is logging onto Tiffany’s blog, reading or watching her day’s entry, and my timeline is completing my posts each and every day. Sounds simple enough but as some have said in her blog comments, life gets in the way.

There are days that I do not get a post completed but that does not stop the progress towards my goal, I knuckle down and create two posts the following day because I am holding myself accountable.

I have a timeline for my free products that may not be as quick as someone else’s but it is a timeline I will achieve. I have a number of subscribers I wish to have on my list and that list may not be as long as others but it is the number I set as my goal.

At the end of this challenge with the help of these vital factors I will be able to measure whether I attain my goal or not.

Let me give you a more itemized example. I intend to start another blog on an entirely different subject than working at home. This is what my vital factor list would look like.








What am I going to do?
Create my new blog

How am I going to get it done?
I will outline my topic blueprint and list out the steps needed to get the blog ready
I’ll research the competition and identify my focus so as to set my blog apart
I will create my lists of blog topics, freebies, and revenue sources

What is my timeline?
I will have my domain chosen and blog started by April 15th just because it is a Monday but I will also set weekly timelines of tasks so I will be ready by my target date.

Get to know your vital factors, mine help me know where I am going and how am I going to get there.

Wishing you success!
Marilyn T


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