VideoMakerFX Review with a Catch

VideoMakerFXCreating your own videos is all the rage and one of the hottest tools on the market right now is VideoMakerFX. VideoMakerFX was released mid-May and quickly started breaking records for total number of sales in JVZOO. I wrote a post about it moments after I bought VideoMakerFX because it’s quite an amazing video creation tool.

I honestly found it super easy to use and recommend adding it to your marketing toolbox, but with a catch. The catch and what makes this review different from all the rest is that I strongly praise the product but must admit that I requested a refund.

Now before you think I’m one of those sleaze-bags that make purchases only to seek a refund but keep the goods, I assure you I am not. I will explain my reasons and also acknowledge that I can’t use the product any longer because my license is no longer accepted. And that’s how it should be.

What I Like About VideoMakerFX

  • Pretty cool animation for creating friendly, personable videos. Nothing fancy, you most likely have seen similar, but it’s the style that converts.
  • All the videos you create belong to you – you can do whatever you want with them, they don’t reside on an outside server, they are yours to store wherever you wish.
  • 20 royalty free music tracts to fit your audience and to help convey your message. There’s everything from common ad tracts, light hearted festive tunes, slow even tempo tracts, and some somewhat rap styled.
  • Over 240 animated slide scenes for creating background images and graphics
  • Easy to understand training, guides, a forum that I did not check out, and super support
  • Compatibility on both Windows and Mac platforms and HD image quality
  • It has just one reasonable price point at $57 opposed to a monthly subscription fee, although this is $10 more than I paid so it looks like the price is indeed escalating.

As I write this post the current reopening special price of $57 lasts only 6 or so hours and then I believe the price will increase.

Click here for the reopening special price of $57

Where VideoMakerFXis a Perfect Fit

VideoMakerFX is ideal for announcements, say when:

  • Announcing a new product release
  • A new business opening
  • A new service you provide
  • Promoting your new Kindle or eBook

VideoMakerFX is ideal for any event or promotion using sales or landing pages. Simply create a well-designed video, add it to your site, and get social with it to encourage visitors.

Let me give you an example. I’m working on a new site with an affiliate marketing focus targeting the new affiliate marketer and providing how-to instruction, tips, and resources. This is my promotional video created using VideoMakerFX.

Why VideoMakerFX Wasn’t My Cup of Tea

It’s not that I fell victim to any phony claims or hyped-nonsense from their sales page. Actually their sales page is on the mark and explains VideoMakerFX very well. What I missed is that each slide within VideoMakerFX holds a limited number of characters and I found this too restrictive.

That’s it, plain and simple. VideoMakerFX is designed for short, direct snippets of sales copy. As Sargent Friday in the old Dragnet TV series would say, “just the facts ma’am”.  I fully understand the concept and why this is the case. As a marketing tool, you want your message to be:

  • Short and to the point
  • Targeted to your audience and geared to make them take action
  • By adding fluff you run the risk of confusing your visitor

My intention with VideoMakerFX was to create tutorials and product reviews. But I found it difficult to do so with such a limitation of characters per slide. It delivers on what they advertise, just not what I needed.

You really should take a look at VideoMakerFX, it may be just what your business needs. Were you one of the many to purchase VideoMakerFX? If so, please share your impression of the popular video creation tool.

To your hard-earned success
Marilyn T


  1. Thank you for your comments which I am glad I found. I have been back and forth on whether I should purchase this product. I am not a technical person and wondered if this product would be over my head. Keep my content short and sweet, would be up my ally. You have verified for me that this product is what I need. Thank you and Best wishes.

  2. Hi there Marilyn,

    I’ve been watching people creating videos with this and have the initial thoughts of yours, I’m not a online marketer per se but I do heavily use social media to promote my website and that website only, I’d like to create more than just marketing stuff with videos, they need to be able to create tutorials and guides for my users, but I’ve found that you refunded based on that.

    So if I buy it because of I need to make marketing videos, and I have no experience whatsoever creating videos.

    What product would you recommend to make tutorial or guide videos? but I would hope with the same style and ease (or somewhat) of videomakerfx that you’ve explained in this post



  3. Great detailed review! I admire you for staying focused on what you can use right now. My hard drive tells a very different story about me including products I bought years ago that I still haven’t used. I’m trying to resist this product because I have no plans to make videos at the moment – but can I resist? That’s a different question!
    Ana recently posted…Top 10 Times Men Are More Likely To CheatMy Profile

  4. I purchased VideoMakerFX and asked for a refund, but for different reasons than yours. My copy didn’t output the slides correctly. When I learned that issues was fixed, I rebought it (at a higher price, too!)

    Since then, I found another one I like better. Still waiting on my affiliate status before I mention it in another product review (I think you would like this new one better, too!)

    Take care!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…The Top 10 Projects I Need to Finish This YearMy Profile

    • Hi Bonnie,

      The videos you created with VideoMakerFX were great so I’m anxious to see the new product you’ve found. Seems there’s always something on the horizon isn’t there, especially in the video creation world right now.

  5. I just saw this reviewed on another site too and now I really want to give it a try. very cool. Thanks for sharing.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Kindle Book Publishing Project Update #1 – Getting StartedMy Profile

  6. I listened to Bonnie’s podcast before I came over here, but I can see why you requested the refund. You understand your needs and must follow up with what works for you. I appreciate that you stated the good points before specifying what you chose not to keep this product. Makes sense, and I’m expecting that you will find the right one for you. Great review – honesty is best.
    Edie Dykeman recently posted…Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Edie,

      I think it’s a great product and I really want to use it now but you’re right I need to stay focused on where I am today and not where I wish I was.

      Nice to see you!

  7. Thanks for that tidbit. I had been thinking about the same thing and your review will help me to adjust my expectations when I do pick it up, though I’m not sure when that’ll be.
    Amanda Thomas recently posted…Work Life Balance Without Excuses Part 2 – Getting a Handle on MindsetMy Profile

    • Hi Amanda,

      I think it would be a great asset for you when the time is right. The problem I still struggle with is that the price will likely be getting higher.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. I will check into VideoMakerFX, I have to say I have not heard about this product before stumbling onto your blog. You gave a very detailed review of it and quite interested in checking it out, thanks!
    Miriam Slozberg recently posted…Four Super Benefits of PodcastingMy Profile

    • Welcome Miriam,

      I hope you do as I really do think highly of the tool, maybe I should have kept it for use later down the road but I trying not to do that.

      Thanks for checking out the post!

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