Valentine’s Day Treat

Happy Valentine’s Day to you,

Today because it’s Valentine’s Day, I have multiple treats for you. First of course, is my weekly Fab Friday Blog Share of terrific blogs with the usual trinket of entertainment to lighten your day – and then there’s a FREE gift.

Really totally free, you don’t even need to sign up or anything – You will find this treat further down the page below the main entertainment video. Let me know if you like it.

So let’s get started, shall we? This week’s blog posts worthy of sharing.

Please enjoy –

1. Wow, guess I have some reading to catch up on, I’ve only read the book by Guy Kawasaki –22 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

2. I never get tired of ideas for creating article titles – 5 Smart Ways to Give Your Titles Love

3. A quick article for WAH Moms that can fit others too – Top 4 List for Moms Who Want to Make Money Online

4. Man I must live under a rock, I hadn’t even heard of these tools – 6 Amazing Social Media Productivity Tools

5. An easy mistake to make in Google+ – Google+ Self Sabotage

This Week’s Entertainment –

In honor of her passing this last Monday, February 10, 2014 – a film clip from the perky Shirley Temple during her time as a child star. Shirley once commented in reference to her time as an actress during the depression, that “I class myself with Rin Tin Tin,” referring to the canine star. “They fell in love with a dog and a little girl.”

Animal Crackers in My Soup

Now for the surprise FREE gift –

It’s Seth Godin’s book “Who’s There”. Simply click this link and the PDF should open automatically Download whos_there.pdf


Marilyn T


  1. What a fabulous list of blog resources! And I just loved Shirley Temple when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing the video.

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