Using Yahoo Answers to Find Your Blog Audience

niche questions and answersThis is part two of my real life experiment for searching out your niche audience. If you missed part one explaining the process, you can read it here. Just be sure to come back.

The first place we’re going to check out in our little experiment is Yahoo! Answers.  Now I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Yahoo Answers but if not, it’s a question / answer site where readers can post questions on most any topic and someone out in virtual land will stop by and provide an answer.

What I’m hoping to find is a question that has a fairly long response trail which could lead me to my niche audience. So let’s get going –

Searching Yahoo! Answers

My first search phrase was “blogging tips”
This predominantly turned up questions asking about how to start a blog, what platform to start with, how to get visitors, and such. As might be expected, the responses dealt with how to choose a blog topic, remembering to blog regularly while staying on topic, and provided a few links for more information.

For my second search phrase I simply typed in the word “blog” to see which terms were listed in the drop-down search window. Interestingly 8 of the 10 suggestions dealt with using Tumblr as a blog platform, definitely not the audience I’m looking for.

Next I searched the phrase ”beginner blog” and found five choices in the drop-down search window which provided more suitable search questions. For example: “what’s the best blog hosting site are for beginners”. The answers recommended WordPress and Blogger and then expanded to include various web hosting companies.

This prompted me to enter in the word “WordPress” and the drop-down choices provided more useful and direct questions. For example:

  • How do I get rid of “proudly powered by WordPress” on a theme?
  • How to add a .GIF image to WordPress so that it animates?
  • What is a good WordPress plug-in to create a product catalog?
  • How do you reset your WordPress theme to factory default?

These questions and their answers were more focused and could give me a glimpse of a potential audience.

I then changed direction and entered the phrase “make money blogging”
This brought up questions with more than the basic two or three answers which looked promising, but again the answers were self-promoting and recommended the blogger use advertising services on their site.

My Take on Yahoo Answers

  1. I didn’t like that I could not find a date or time field for searching answers and many of the questions were posted a year or two ago, with some even dating back six and seven years.
  2. Yahoo Answers may be a decent source for generalities. If you spend a bit of time doing quick searches to browse the questions, you’ll get a feel for the general topics but because the questions are so dated the answers are not always relevant to the fast-changing Internet world.
  3. I wasn’t too confident that Yahoo Answers would help identify my niche audience so maybe that biased the outcome and maybe I searched the wrong terms. But either way, I would probably not use Yahoo Answers for finding my blog audience, although it may be a better match for a trending topic or product based niche.
  4. For the most part I found that questions pertaining to my topic didn’t provide any new insights regarding my audience, instead it was general information I could easily find anywhere and even with better results through Google searches.

What are your thoughts on using Yahoo Answers to find your blog audience?

Come back tomorrow when we look at using forum topics for finding our blog audience.

Part 1: A Real Life Experiment for Searching Out Your Niche Audience


Marilyn T


  1. I’ve answered questions there several years ago that still bring me a little traffic. It’s a good tactic and if you do it correctly you’re helping people.

    • Hi Clara,

      So nice to see a new visitor : )
      Please too that Yahoo Answers was helpful for you, maybe I need to spend more time there. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have used Yahoo Answers in the past a little bit. It worked alright for me to drive some traffic, but it was A LOT of work to keep up on it. I actually hired someone to do it for me for a while, but it ended up not being worth it in the long run.

    Great review.


    • Thanks for the visit Michael and Misty!

      Your summations are pretty much what I concluded as well – little return for the investment but it’s a good place for finding a feeling about a topic. Thanks again.

  3. Yahoo answers is pretty hit or miss in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it can be great to get your URL in there and spread the word and all, but as a person using it…not a fan. It’s hard to find anything useful, most of it is just rehashed crap. In fact, I can’t tell for sure, but from some of the comments, MUCH of it is people like us looking to get our information out there and not really consumers..or as you said, our audience.

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