Using Pingoat to Boost Blog Traffic

In continuing my experiment on pinging my blog posts to boost traffic, I shot this video to show you the service I will be using and two that I will not be using. Come along and let’s take a look.

Click the box in the right corner of the video if you would like to view in full screen.


Pingoat submitted successfully to 59 of 62 sites. I will submit my remaining posts for this week and monitor the results through Google Analytics to find out if these ping services will be helpful for driving quality traffic, not spam traffic, or make no difference at all.

For results to week two, come back next Monday, December 9nd, but please return tomorrow for a look at the importance of creating a series of blog posts.

Marilyn T   

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  1. Not heard of Pingoat. I’ve seen Pingler while on my pinging adventure this last week. I might give them a go next 🙂

    Louise x

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