Using Pingler to Boost Blog Traffic

This is week three of my blog pinging experiment and as mentioned yesterday I will be using Pingler for this week’s blog posts. Today I have a short video for you about using Pingler, settle back and take a look.

Click the box in the right corner of the video if you would like to view in full screen.


For Google Analytics results to week three, come back next Monday, December 16th, but please return tomorrow for my riveting review of the Dragon Speech Recognition software.

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  1. There are ways to ping extra blog directories from your own blog, so I was wondering why you’re using a service off your site to do something you can basically do with your own blog?

    • Well Bonnie, I would have to say because I’m in the dark as to how that is done directly from the blog. Can you shed some light please?

    • Ahh, now I can jump in and answer that one 🙂 You can add ping services to your blog and here comes the BUT. There’s a few buts…
      1. WP has a habit of pinging every edit once published
      2. Too many services slow down your blog
      3. Because you’re pinging like crazy, you’re more likely to get a temporary (or even perma) ban from some ping sites.

      If you really feel the urge to add more ping services to WP just pop over to Settings > Writing and scroll down to Update Services

      Using an external site makes things a little easier. The Pingler plugin used to work well, but to be honest I don’t have that running on any sites I manage now so can’t comment on it’s current use.

      I used to use Pingler often, it’s a great way to get your posts noticed and indexed quicker. However these days I tend to +1 and tweet as that gets the indexing bit done fast.
      I still use ping sites like pingler for things like external videos, directory entries, articles etc basically anything I want noticing fairly quickly by the bots.

      • Wow, thanks for the very complete update Jan!
        I knew that WP pinged after each post or update and for the reasons you mentioned, I’m leery of adding the ping plugins to my sites.
        I always promote through G+, FB, Twitter, and such to help boost exposure. Very helpful hearing about your experiences with Pingler.

        Thanks again

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