From time to time I’ll post a tutorial to help better explain something I’m trying to help you with. I know when I’m learning something new I’m very much a hands-on type of student. It often helps me to see a training video or a product in action in order to actual grasp how it works.

I believe this approach will also help you learn, but if you’re still stuck on something after watching the video simply drop me a line and I will do my best to help. I’ll also include text training below the video when it applies as many find that to be a helpful guide.

Non-Techie Overview of Google Analytics Visitor Stats

In this video I’ll help you understand and interpret all that terrific data in the Google Analytics Visitor Stats. It certainly looks complicated but when looking at the data in small pieces you’ll find it’s a great resource for getting to know your visitors better.

Non-Techie Instructions for Setting Up Google Analytics

When I first took a look at using Google Analytics for understanding the traffic stats for my sites, I’ll admit I was overwhelmed. Simply entering the information into the Property Settings and understanding the terminology was intimidating but I don’t want it to intimidate you. Check out this training video by clicking the above title to get started and I’m sure
everything will become much clearer.

How Do I Add the Google Analytics Code to My Blog?

Now that you have the Google analytics code for your site you are probably wondering where you place it on your site so it can start to work gathering traffic data. Now once you do this you’ll find that ir is really not so scary but be sure you have Note Pad open to copy down some information along the way. When you’re ready simply click the heading above and we’ll start the training.


More to come soon!

Marilyn T