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Otherwise known as Fab Friday Blog Share #32

Happy Friday to you,

Yes, here we are at the first Friday of February, just a few days after Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and declared that there would be six more weeks of winter. Now I’m not exactly sure how a ground hog can forecast the weather but many seem to endorse his predictions.

For those of you already experiencing one of the most severe winters in years, I truly empathize. I can hear you all saying enough already! Bring on spring! And to that end I can tell you that the Farmer’s Almanac states that spring will officially arrive on March 20th at 12:57 PM (EDT). I’ll bet with that news you’re feeling warmer already.

With that let’s get on with what really brought you to this blog post – this week’s five blog posts I read that are worthy of sharing.

Please enjoy –

1. Understanding more about your visitors – Master SEO without Google Analytics

2. More blog topics tips – Overcoming Writer’s Block

3. This seems like common sense, but then we know that common sense is anything but common – Combine Email & Social Medis Marketing

4. Have you ever thought about adding ads to your blog, here are two articles to help  – How Much to Charge for Blog Ads #1  – How Much to Charge for Blog Ads #2

5. Why use Google + in business – What Entrepreneurs Need to know about Google+

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This Week’s Entertainment –

A classic from American composer John Williams, who as Wikipedia describes “is considered to be one of the greatest film composers of all time.” But today in a tribute to the many superb Winter Olympics athletes I give you the “Olympic Fanfare and Theme”.


Marilyn T



  1. I love the posts on charging for Blog Ads, which is something I wrestle with and end up usually winging it.

  2. wooo More on Google+. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. Interesting formula on the blog ad space pricing. I’m looking into this now for one of my niche sites.

    • You know Misty, I thought about you when I read that post : )
      It caught my eye because I received an email request regarding ad space but it turned out to be bogus.

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