Toxic People – Do You Allow Them to Seep Into Your Environment?

mindset questionI’ve been thinking about comments I’ve read on various Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and assorted blogs and one thing began to jump out at me. Why it took so long I don’t know, because it shines like a beacon. There it is like child having a temper tantrum just to get attention.

Toxic people making toxic comments

They can be so very subtle that you really don’t notice at first and that’s when their toxicity can seep into your environment. If you pause to think a moment you’ll find that you know the type. They tend to comment about how slow their day progressed or something someone else did to alter their course.

They may even post lambasting comments about the actions of others they know only by being Facebook friends. That’s an interesting concept in itself, as they obviously are not the type of friend I care to associate with. I actually wonder how they consider themselves “friends” with the other individual at all.

My point is this; many of us read these comments and allow them to alter our direction. We start to think too long on the comments they’ve made and it slows us down or worse we begin to agree. So my unsolicited advice is to ignore them.

Recognize the actions of toxic people and look away

Just stop reading and ignore them, figuratively just walk away. Don’t give them a moment of your time because you recognize the toxic smell and are worthy of better. Surround yourself with positive energy and it will come flowing back.

How did I come to decide on this post today?

Well, it comes back around to mindset and understanding where yours is at any given moment. I find that it’s easy in the blogging and internet marketing business world to get deterred by those who appear to be doing better than we are who appear to have greater success or more traffic than we do. It’s an easy trap to fall into and it can totally derail the most positive mindset.

Mindset is all important

Your mindset makes all the difference – it can make you feel powerful or powerless. Treat it like a magic elixir. A positive mindset guides you to follow creative, helpful, energized people. It helps you investigate how they got where they are, what paths they chose and how you can do similarly. Notice I said similarly because you must always put your own spin into what you do. Find your own voice, your own personality, and let it come through.

To quote the wisdom of the great Les Brown, one of the best motivational speakers ever – “Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

Toxic people are not part of your environment because – well because you don’t have time to entertain their negativity. You have a business to build, a dream to follow, and you surround yourself with people who give you strength and guidance.

I’m on that road, want to follow?

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Marilyn T


  1. Very true Bonnie, thanks so much for visiting and leaving support!

  2. Very well said, Marilyn. People shouldn’t dwell on the negative when there is so much positive cheer to spread to a market.

    The 60 seconds you spent being negative means you just lost a minute of happiness! Remember that!

  3. Wise words indeed Marilyn. Sometimes, you just need to put the virtual blinkers and earmuffs on and cut out these people.

  4. For a long time I was letting toxic people suck the energy out of me, out of my business, and even out of my family life. No more! I put my foot down and I ignore their feeds on Facebook, I don’t answer when they call, and if they email me I have a filter set up in Gmail to whoosh it away before I even see it!

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