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Today’s Fab Friday Blog Share falls on August 8th a memorable date for some. For in 1963 the Great Train Robbery took place in Buckinghamshire, England whereby a group of masked bandits stole an estimated $7 million dollars (2.6 million pounds) in the raid. Although eventually captured, much of the money was never recovered which makes me wonder how many trees were dug up in hopes of finding the stashed loot.

Interestingly, on this date in 1960, the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” hits the charts at #1, in 1963 the group the Kingsmen release “Louie, Louie”, where upon radio stations label it obscene. I imagine they would be quite shocked hearing the lyrics in some of today’s music.

Returning to present day –

This Week’s Fab Friday Blog Share

1. Great tips for converting visitors – How to Lower Your Website Bounce Rate 

2. How to let the real you come out in your posts – How to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Social Media Marketing

3. What a massive list of ideas – 101 Writing Resources That’ll Take You from Stuck to Unstoppable

4. Very cool insights – Why Your Site Gets Such Pitiful Traffic (and What to Do about It) 

5. 50 Tweetable Twitter Tips You Wish You Knew Years Ago 


This week’s Fab Friday Entertainment Segment

In 1976, Boston, by the rock band Boston was released and went on to become the #1 best-selling debut album to date.

Boston – Rock and Roll Band


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  1. Hi Marilyn

    Interesting range of blogs. I particularly liked – he talks sense. I understand about not blogging so much but it’s difficult when I’m in a 30-day challenge….

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