Tips for Cloning Your WordPress Site with WP Twin

wptwinWhat you need to know before you begin.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I purchased WP Twin in order to clone my Work at Home Marilyn blog so that I could move it to my new Marilyn Thompson Solutions blog.

From all I had researched this process should take less than an hour, actually minutes many people said. What could go wrong : )

Let me make you aware of a very key requirement

WP Twin must be installed on the Linux hosting environment.

If you’re like me, it never crossed my mind to inquire about this. But as you’ll see I wish I had.

My main web hosting company has always been iPage. I know many people have not heard of them but I’ve had very few problems and when I did, they were quickly resolved, so I had no need to change. You can read my iPage review here.

Plus to quote words directly from the WP Twin website “Compatible with 99% of Hosts …. It is extremely rare a hosting account will not work flawlessly with WP Twin.” I guess I was part of the 1%.

Starting the cloning process ~

The first step in cloning your original site is to create the clone file. I watched the video and even had Bonnie Gean’s tutorial open as I moved along. No problem, step 1 complete, clone file made, ready to move on.

Now I’m very familiar with uploading files via FTP to my sites on the iPage servers so I started the process of uploading the WP Twin files to my domain folder.

Let me reiterate here that the videos do say to install WordPress to your new site through CPanel and Fantastico, no problem I thought I can install through the iPage CPanel which I’ve done before and is easy breezy.

All was moving along nicely until I attempted to deploy the clone files. I continually received an error message stating that I needed to install WordPress through my CPanel.

Now I’m getting increasingly frustrated with what should have been a simple task. After all, dense as I may be, I had already installed WordPress on the new site, so why the error message? At his point, I threw my hands in the air and sent off inquiries to both iPage and WP Twin support.

That is when I learned that WP Twin must be installed on the Linux hosting environment and iPage is not a Linux based system. Who is? HostGator –

I was not pleased to say the least, we’ve all heard about the numerous problems surrounding HostGator moving their web-servers, and I wanted no part of that. So being fed up I requested a refund from WP Twin.

Let me tell you, they have amazing service as my refund came within minutes and with an apology!

To make a long story short, I really did want to use WP Twin as it’s a super cloning program. So I bit the bullet, signed up with HostGator (fingers crossed) and re-purchased WP Twin through the same affiliate link – it’s only fair.

Starting over, but this time going by the book, I pulled up Bonnie’s tutorial, installed WordPress using Fantastico, and got ready to deploy the WP Twin clone file. Remember, I already had my clone file of the Work at Home Marilyn blog, that part worked fine. I must say that the HostGator CPanel is nowhere as easy to use as the iPage Control Panel.

I made a few errors because I guess a couple things just didn’t sink in but they sure have now. The clone file transferred quickly, I opened a new browser window and ta-da there I had a cloned site with all the Work at Home Marilyn blog contents but with a new name Marilyn Thompson Solutions. I was ecstatic!

I intend to create my own tutorial for cloning your site with WP Twin soon to include a couple steps that I wish I had known while going through this process. But until then, if you would like to get going now with WP Twin, grab it here and use the Bonnie Gean tutorials. You’ll be glad you did.

Tutorial #1
Tutorial #2

There are two important reasons you should have WP Twin:

1. It is crucial to have a back-up of your blogs and websites. But I feel safer with a clone file because a clone file will keep everything including comments, and you can then bring your site back to life in minutes.

2. If you plan to build multiple niche sites using the same theme (look) and framework (plugins), clone your initial set-up and then create each new site with this basic set-up in minutes. Truly a huge time saver!

Get you copy of WP Twin now!

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Marilyn T

P.S. If you have any questions while installing WP Twin feel free to ask here and I’ll do my best to assist.


  1. I’ve heard of wptwin for years now, but haven’t used it. I used another similar program to do the same thing for a while, but haven’t needed to do anything with that type of program in a while. I’ll certainly try it next time I need to.

  2. I like the idea of the WP Twin, but I don’t know if I am brave enough to do what you did. I certainly know I would not be tech savvy enough. My hat is off to you.

    FYI, I clicked on your link at the end of your blog “Comment Now -” and it came up with an error message.

    Keep up the good work. I learn much from reading your blog.

    • Hello Rochelle,

      WP Twin is actually very easy to use if you start out with a compatible hosting company. What web host to you have?

      I’m very pleased that you’re gaining valuable information here, let me know if there is anything specifically that I can help with.

      Thanks for the FYI, I’ll go take a look.

  3. I’m so glad the tutorials helped you, Marilyn! I love WP Twin and can’t imagine being without it! 🙂

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