The Secret Ingredients to Blogging Success

the-secret-ingredients-for-blogsI found in my in-box the other morning, an email with the following subject line:
REVEALED: The Secret Key to Online Success

Wow this must be my lucky day I thought – I’d better open this item right away.

After all, I could be spending hours each day trying to grow my online business and I could be doing it all wrong. Revealed to me right here was the secret key to online success. This could be my big Powerball moment. This could be exactly what every online entrepreneur is looking for, and here it was in my inbox. What good fortune!

Well you’re right, there really was no secret key simply three words describing what the author felt was the essence of their online work which they will be expanding on in future emails sent my way. But it got me thinking about what three words I felt were secret ingredients to our blogging success and that is what I would like to share with you here today.

Compassion – Service – Learning

  • Compassion

As a blogger trying to build a successful business you must have compassion, compassion for your audience. You must seriously care about your reader and have their interests at heart. Your writing must reach out to them in a manner that is supportive, kind, friendly and fun-loving.

In other words, you must act like a real person, like your real self – write as if they are sitting across the room from you and you are having a conversation. Figuratively add in a smile and write with sincerity and conviction. Now I understand that some topics are going to be somewhat technical or possibly serious, but they can still be conveyed in a manner to show support and compassion.

You can most definitely do this when responding to comments left. You must always reply to each and every comment because first of all we all like to see a comment notice in our inbox so be supportive. But most importantly it is the polite thing to do. Make reference to the points they mentioned in the comment and ask a question in a return when appropriate. In this way, you are attempting to interact with your reader and build a relationship. And always, always, always, thank them for leaving a comment.

  • Service

No matter what topic you blog about you must always remember that you are providing a service. There are numerous avenues across the Internet for gathering information but as a blogger you must remember that you are in essence working for your audience.

You want to stay focused on supplying what it is that your target audience is looking for and deliver on some aspect of that topic with each post and recommendation. Ask yourself when you’re tackling the next blog post, how is it helping your reader, what value are you providing them, and will it answer a question or solve a problem.

  • Learning

The third ingredient is to continually be learning. This is an ongoing process with any online business, as it is an ever changing industry. That is one reason why I and many others find it challenging and rewarding. If we are doing it right our journey is much like a trip around the world rather than one of riding a fanciful horse on a carousel.

To be a leader and an authority in your niche you must be constantly learning how to do something different, whether it’s learning new software or reading up on any topic, you must be gaining new knowledge. This education is how you continue to share and be of service to your readers, and start to become their go-to source. Even if your blog posts center around something you have had knowledge and experience with for years, times change and so should what you deliver.

So certainly there is much more to creating blogging success and building our online businesses, but these are three of the truly important components. I thank you for reading and would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Wishing you great success!

Do you agree with the three words I felt were secret ingredients to our blogging success?

Marilyn T


  1. Excellent ‘ingredients’ for success! I agree with all three of them.

    Keep an eye on that email, I’m sure the next “REAL” secret to internet success will arrive soon. 🙂


  2. Learning is right up there for me. It’s a never ending learning curve – in any business. Noone knows everything, and just when you think you do know the most important things – something changes!
    Without committing to continuous learning, we can’t serve and support our readers.

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