The Search for Work at Home Dad Blogs

search for stay at home dad blogs
Being an online marketer and with today being Father’s Day, I got to wondering this morning how many Dad blogs you see on the net. Not so many that I’ve noticed. There are more and more Dads staying at home these days to take care of the kids and tend to the home than ever before. But I don’t think I’ve seen very many Stay at Home Dad blogs. Are they just not the blogging sort?

So I decided to go searching in Google

My Work At Home Dads Google Search

Interestingly the first site listed for “work at home dads” was this –


Humorous isn’t it that “Dads are welcome in all the folders” on the WAHM forum, a discussion board for work at home moms. (Curious wording too as I doubt many dads will fit in the folders, maybe they should have written “Dads are welcome to peruse all the folders). I know, my mind works in odd ways.

The second listing was a guide for finding online work for stay at home dads. It seems that dads are more frequently referred to as “stay at home dads” and not “work at home dads” – SAHD not WAHD, hmm.

There is though a Work At Home Dads Facebook group that calls itself a community but looks more like a site where a couple of dads are trying to make money. This is there cover –

WAHD blogs

My Work At Home Dad Blog Google Search

Then I searched “work at home dad blog” and found “the manly blog of stay-at-home parenting” with the Captain Dad site, which was a respectable looking site and the “Stay at Home Dad Blog”. The dad behind this blog must be far too busy being Dad because the last blog post was October 18, 2013.

I know there are many Work At Home Dads out there that do a great job – a great job taking care of the kids, tending to the household chores, preparing the meals, and possibly earning money online. Are there really not many who wish to share their talents by creating a dad blog?

Maybe the real issue is that they aren’t sure how to start. Maybe they need a How-to Guide for getting started with a Work At Home Dad Blog. So tomorrow stay at home dads because I know today is your day to sit back in the easy chair and nap, I will have a belated Father’s Day gift for you. A gift of a basic step-by-step guide for starting your Work At Home Dad Blog – Click here to go straight to the video now.

Are you a Work At Home Dad?
Do you know a Work At Home Dad?
Why aren’t there more Work At Home Dad blogs?


Happy Father’s Day to all you hard-working dads!

Marilyn T



  1. Interesting gap in the blogosphere there. I wonder what it says about Dads, because I’m sure the stay at home Dads love their kids just as much as the Moms do, they just don’t find them as fascinating to write about apparently. Or maybe it’s just that thing where men only seem to do one thing at a time. I know if I went out and left hubby with the kids, he fed them and played with them but the dishes and laundry never got done at the same time. Perhaps it’s the same with blogging.
    Ana recently posted…Loving What IsMy Profile

    • Indeed Ana, there are many great dads staying home to take care of the kids and probably many who wish that they could.
      I know of some who make their living writing about their SAHD lifestyle maybe they don’t find blogging the best platform.

  2. It is odd isn’t it? I once suggested starting one to a friend who was moaning about the WAHM blogs and forums speaking in a foreign language and got “that look” – well ok, we were on the phone and I felt it with the several seconds silence.
    He does have a point about the language though – I stay away, they tend have a secret language of acronyms that I can’t fathom for the life of me.
    There are a few out there – springs to mind, although that’s a community with a directory of blogs and not necessarily SAHDs
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Fear Disguised As PracticalityMy Profile

    • Hi Jan,

      I’d imagine if I searched within blog directories I’d find many a dad blog, they likely don’t include the WAH or SAH phrasing in their blog name.

  3. Perhaps dads aren’t the top that like to journal their thoughts? OR… maybe they are too busy taking care of the kiddies to sit down and write?

    Not sure why you don’t see many more dads blogging. There certainly isn’t a lack of men blogs out there. I know plenty of men writing on blogs of their own – they’re just not geared around being a dad – they are more of the marketing type blogs.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…Welcome to Reclaiming My HealthMy Profile

    • Hi Bonnie,

      I have an inkling that their blogs have unique names and simply don’t come up when searched as WAHD blogs.
      That and I agree they may be more along the marketing line like the Amazon Course dads who used the phrase “workathomedads” for their Facebook group.

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