The Lonely Blogger, Hello is Anybody Out There?

the lonely blogger

I stumbled across one of Tiffany Dow’s previous posts that sure hit home titled “Feel Like You’re Blogging to Nobody? You can read it on her blog or just follow the link here.

There are many days I’ve asked myself that question, why aren’t people commenting, is anyone actually reading my blog, why isn’t my list growing? And you know when that happens I may be feeling discouraged but I don’t consider quitting. Nope instead I reread articles I’ve saved about better blogging, or visit blog sites I have bookmarked in order to get my head screwed on right and refocus.

After reading these words of wisdom I try to look at my blog from the visitors’ viewpoint and humbly ask would I stay on this site. What would make me come back? What’s the sites value to me? Sometimes that’s hard to do because I like what I’ve done, I’ve worked hard on it but if I’m the only person who sees it does it really matter?

Recently I went back and cleaned up my site, I changed headings, I changed some of the verbiage, and I changed some colors because I decided it was not encouraging the visitor to stay. Basic stuff but I also refocused on remembering these key points:

1. What’s the purpose of my blog?

2. What’s the emphasis and intent?

3. Who’s my target audience?

4. How am I building that into my blog?

I wrote these points down and posted them near my computer so that they stare me smack dab in the face.

I’m having a productive day today and maybe this is why, I hope you are too. Sometimes we just need to refocus and have a little talk with ourselves because for me. . .

failure is not an option


Wishing you much success!
Marilyn T


PS: the lonely blogger image at top is a post all lonely bloggers should read seems it’s a good size population – click here to read 


  1. I find it ‘fascinating’ when I make the effort to visit many of the other blogs in the list building Challenge and leave a comment on their blog posts, but the blogger does not pay the courtesy to reciprocate … it does make it feel very ‘lonely’ blogging then, for sure.

    • Indeed! Personally I kinda like getting comments and mail, you never know what direction it may take you.
      Thanks so much for visiting and saying hi.

  2. Hey, Marilyn, I just had one of these days yesterday. Thanks for the reminders of where my thinking should be.

  3. Like they used to say in the xfiles.
    we are not alone. 🙂

    Marilyn what comment widget are you using I really like it.

    • Hi Barney,
      The series that showsalong the top is part of the theme I’m using which I intend to blog about soon.
      Then I use 2 others which I will talk about in my post about widgets –
      Shareaholic is at the bottom of each post, I really like that you can change it’s look
      Social Media 3.3 is on the left sidebar, I just started with that one

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