The Dark Side of Working from Home


work at homeThere’s No “Guaranteed” Paycheck

Really! When you take matters into your own hands and become a home business professional, it’s up to you to create your weekly cash flow. Does that sound scary?

Part two of a five part series.

It might feel like you’re free-falling without a safety net. With your J-O-B, you most likely get a paycheck even when business is slow. But when you’re the boss working for yourself, you only get paid when the company makes sales.

This is one reason I’m creating this whole work at home Internet marketing series is because it’s all about building a business, not “how can I make $100 a day.” You can set that as a goal so that you can say you accomplished something, but keep in mind that business income fluctuates.

Do you really want to struggle every day to hit your quotas – or do you want to see a rise in your income that soars steadily over time on average and provides you with financial security?

Many new entrepreneurs look at their success one sale at a time, heck I’ll be honest, it feels pretty good to see money in your account. But that is not a business, it is a sale.

When that money is spent, they have to figure out how to make more. It can be mentally (and physically) exhausting. You need a cash flow you can count on to have a viable business and there is a way to do that with Internet marketing – but it takes time.

There Are No Paid Vacation Days

I mentioned this earlier – when you take time off from your home business, you won’t be able to log a real vacation day. When you’re off, unless your business is automated, your income will stall until you get back on the ball.

Maybe I should explain more. I suppose if you have built a business with a reoccurring passive income that pays you over and over again when you’re not actively doing anything, and then yes, I suppose you can take a real vacation.

But that my friend, does not happen overnight as the fake Internet marketers claim. When it happens, it takes time and hard work. And if you have chosen to blog about your business (and I highly suggest you should) or your blog is your business then you need to stay connected to your audience.on target

Remember that connection builds and strengthens your business. Sure you could tell them you’ll be out of touch for a spell, but you know you will want to check in occasionally.

If possible, once your business grows, you can hire an assistant to cater to the needs of your customers while you’re away, but if you’re like most hands-on entrepreneurs, you’ll feel like this business is your baby – and entrusting it to someone else won’t be too relaxing for you.

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