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fab fridayHello and Happy Friday!

Today is 05/09/14 and yes I know you could figure that out on your own, so why do I mention it? Because I like to play with words and numbers, it’s just how my crazy little brain stays active or antagonizes me. If you add up the 5 and the 9 you get 14, or if you subtract the 9 from the 14 you get 5 or yes, if you subtract the 5 from the 14 you get 9.

See I told you my mind works in interesting ways. It tends to do so without much coercion. As I drive down the road especially when in traffic, I’ll add up the numbers on license plates down to a single denominator. It keeps my mind active and passes the time stuck in traffic. Give it a try sometime.

Here are a couple license plate examples:

First an easy one – 645ATB = add the numbers 645 and you get 15, then add the 1 and 5 and you get 6 – 6 is the single denominator

Now for one a bit tougher – A5682139T = add the numbers 5682139 and you get 34, then add the 3 and the 4 and you get 7 – 7 is the single denominator

At least you won’t be bored.

Now off to this week’s fabulous blog posts and a bit of entertainment for the Fab Friday Blog Share.

Please enjoy!

1. Super tips mostly using the magic of Pinterest – 5 Ways I’m Making My Blog Content Go Viral 

2. Tips from those who have “made it” – 5 Prominent Habits of An Affluent Entrepreneur 

3. Of course you have no issue with any of these – 7 Motivation Killers That Are Dragging You Down 

4. Great tips not just for social media – 5 Ways to Create a Social Media Call to Action That Converts 

5. Understand what you want is the tip that resonates with me – Social Media Marketing Tips From The Pros 

And this week’s entertainment –

A trip back to the days of disco with a Friday tribute by Arabesque (I even had a blouse very much like the one worn by the gal in the center)

Friday Night


Have a super weekend!
Marilyn T



  1. What a fun and interesting post. You do seem to have fun with numbers, with interesting results. Also, appreciate the sharing of what else is going on in the Web world.

  2. Excellent Fab Friday Marilyn! I really enjoyed the Pinterest article. I’m focusing on that one in a big way on a few of my niches and I really am excited about it.

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