Take a Tip from Television – Create a Blog Post Series

Hot-TopicI’ve learned that it’s best to not only remain focused on the topic of your blog but to also stay on a particular topic occasionally for more than just one blog post.

Sure, there are times when one post will suffice because that’s all the information needed to explain your topic. But I’ve also seen blog posts that seem to go on and on, far longer than the average person will stick with them.

Remember that the average Internet reader will simply skim your blog post for information and only read it in its entirety if it truly addresses a problem or question they have. In my opinion, when a post runs longer than 600 – 700 words it runs the risk of becoming too long and losing the interest of the reader.

It may have great valuable content but if the reader doesn’t stay then it becomes simply a lesson in writing. So the answer is to split that long article into two or more posts making it a short series of posts. The benefit is that your reader may stay longer and read your entire post and it may also entice them to return for your follow up post.

Think of it like Television Executives

There are many shows that run as a weekly series, following stories about the character’s personal and professional lives or by following performances in the spectrum of the music and dance competition shows. The idea is to get the viewer locked into watching week after week – soap operas excelled at this.

The same should be true with your blog posts. If you can solve a problem or provide tips through your blog then do so in a series of posts along the same venue. This will help to lend credibility to your site and give the reader a reason to subscribe or at least return to follow along.

Keep in mind, that this blog series need run one day after the other. You will see that I’m running a three week series here about blog ping services and reporting my results weekly. That’s because it is a topic that needs to cover a period of time not simple a few days.

What is important when you do this is to make it clear to your reader when you will be posting on that series topic and what you will be covering. This way they know when to return if they are not a daily follower.

If you do run a multi-week series don’t stay away from your blog during the in-between times. Find something to blog about and stay connected to your readers. Keep it alive and well.

Write Product Reviews

If your blog topic is not really one that lends itself to tips and tutorials then consider writing reviews. It can be about a book you enjoyed that you want to encourage your readers to read, or it can be a series on a digital product that you purchased and are implementing. Simply explain why you bought it, the download process, your thoughts on the sales page, and how you are or will be implementing the product. The series could be a before, during, and after progression.

If it’s a product you are an affiliate for, you can ask your audience to purchase and follow along as you both put it to use. Write about a chapter or two per day depending on the length of the course or write about the video modules included.

Be sure to link back to each previous and upcoming blog post so that new readers finding your blog somewhere in the middle can take in the entire series. This is especially important if you are running a series of tips or tutorials.

Now that I’m at risk of running a post that’s too long, I will stop here. But please let me know your thoughts on taking a tip from television and creating a blog post series.

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Marilyn T


  1. Nice tip i always make my words less than 2000, but now am going to hit 700. It will also give me time to think on what to post next.

    • Hello Andrew,
      I think you will find that when you shorten your posts and make them two or three series posts, you will be more focused on each article.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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