3 Reasons to Work with HireWriters.com

hire writerAre you a writer? Are you a blogger? Do you find yourself needing more articles and blog posts than you have time to write?

Well, you’re certainly not alone. Many bloggers start out just fine, they’re inspired, the thoughts and ideas start flowing freely, the blog posts are streaming through, and all seems to be running well. [Read more…]

Working at Home and Starting the Day on the Right Foot

work-life-homeStarting the day on the right food is oh so crucial to having a happy and productive day.

How do you start yours? Do you have a plan? Do you wake up knowing what you want to do or what you need to do? Or do you fumble around for a while and hope that the day finds its own direction. As someone who Works at Home I hope you are of the first group.

Now that doesn’t mean you wake up wide-eyed and bushy tailed as they say, all perky and raring to go. Most of us don’t, I know I need my morning juice and breakfast to really get moving. [Read more…]

The Lonely Blogger, Hello is Anybody Out There?

the lonely blogger

I stumbled across one of Tiffany Dow’s previous posts that sure hit home titled “Feel Like You’re Blogging to Nobody? You can read it on her blog or just follow the link here.

There are many days I’ve asked myself that question, why aren’t people commenting, is anyone actually reading my blog, why isn’t my list growing? And you know when that happens I may be feeling discouraged but I don’t consider quitting. Nope instead I reread articles I’ve saved about better blogging, or visit blog sites I have bookmarked in order to get my head screwed on right and refocus. [Read more…]

Free HTML Codes for Squidoo

squidoo logo 2


If you have been working in Squidoo, publishing terrific lenses and asking how can I make my lenses look like the Giant Squid’s lenses, how can I make my presentation stand out and look professional? Then I have a few tips here that you may find helpful.

I do not hold the exonerated title of Giant Squid but I have asked myself the same questions and have even spent some money on the answers. But wouldn’t it be great if some of this information was FREE?

You bet it would! So I have put together a list of FREE HTML resources that will help you build those stand out, professional looking lenses you are striving for.  Sure you will still want to purchase a few of those “for pay” products because they can really save you time building your lenses and they will even provide you with tips you may not find for free. [Read more…]

One Minor Bump in the Road

bump in the roadI cannot believe how far behind I have gotten with my blog and the Tiffany Dow FFB&LB Challenge! But I am pulling it together and getting back on rack, I think.

See I recently joined a writing team on oDesk for a couple reasons,
1. To earn a few dollars, literally they don’t pay much
2. To beef up my writing skills

Overall I think I do a pretty good job with spelling, grammar, and story writing but there’s nothing like writing within a structured format to make you take notice. [Read more…]

Do You Squidoo?

I Squidoo, it is quite addictive.

Squidoo is one of those online revenue share writing sites and has been around for quite some time. Actually I only became moderately active in Squidoo about 6 months ago and have about 70 or so lenses published. Many lensmasters have well over 200, 300, and amazingly 400. I have no idea where they find the time.

At some point I will add a post explaining the ins and outs of Squidoo but for now I’ll just stick to 5 reasons why I like it and 3 things that bug me.

A couple notes first if you are not familiar with Squidoo, when you publish an article it is called a lens. That’s part of the fun and friendly nature of Squidoo, why call an article an article. Give it style. And hence, the author of the Lens is a Lensmaster.

squidoo [Read more…]

Zujava Review – Hot Read!

Zujava, have you heard of it?

If you love to write and want to earn extra income doing so then Zujava is for you.

Zujava is FREE to join and easy to learn, there are tutorials to guide you along the way and a great listing of FAQ. Zujava is somewhat new to the online revenue share writers’ arena but it will be one that will be around for the long haul and will grow rapidly in popularity. Why? Because it is a cool friendly site with an easy to understand interface and a loveable toucan mascot that just makes you smile.

Zujava is an entertaining writing platform where you show off your expertise, try out new writing styles, learn from others, and make extra money to put in your pockets or a back in your business.

Ready to Get Started on Zujava without Reading my Review? Create a Free Account on Zujava Now!

zujava logo

I started on Zujava only a couple months back and have published just 10 leaves so yes; I am but a newbie to Zujava. Let me tell you a bit about how it works.
[Read more…]