Introspection on Writing

why I writeToday I’m taking a bit of a detour from the weekly Fab Friday Blog Share that typically runs each Friday. Quite a coincidence isn’t it. Never fear though, the Blog Share will be back next week right on schedule.

Recently I was asked by a blogging and business friend of mine, Misty Spears, to join in a Writer’s Blog Hop. Until her request I had not heard of a Blog Hop but it’s terrific. It’s a great way to find new acquaintances and a great way to introduce my audience to a couple of new writers/bloggers.

The goal is to answer four questions about your writing which proved to be an interesting journey. If you’re like me, I don’t really spend time thinking about my style of writing or why I write – it has somewhat simply evolved. So make yourself comfortable as I share a bit of my writing soul and it would be ever so grand if you left a comment or two.

Okay, time to get hopping! [Read more…]