3 Reasons to Work with HireWriters.com

hire writerAre you a writer? Are you a blogger? Do you find yourself needing more articles and blog posts than you have time to write?

Well, you’re certainly not alone. Many bloggers start out just fine, they’re inspired, the thoughts and ideas start flowing freely, the blog posts are streaming through, and all seems to be running well. [Read more…]

Hello Friends!


Where did I go? Well I decided to clean things up and get the business ball moving. Like many I found myself trying to do too much at one time and as a result I wasn’t getting much of any good quality done. Then some words I heard the other day seemed to resonate loudly. “Pick something and learn it, master it, become an expert. It can be on anything, just stay focused.” [Read more…]

The Lonely Blogger, Hello is Anybody Out There?

the lonely blogger

I stumbled across one of Tiffany Dow’s previous posts that sure hit home titled “Feel Like You’re Blogging to Nobody? You can read it on her blog or just follow the link here.

There are many days I’ve asked myself that question, why aren’t people commenting, is anyone actually reading my blog, why isn’t my list growing? And you know when that happens I may be feeling discouraged but I don’t consider quitting. Nope instead I reread articles I’ve saved about better blogging, or visit blog sites I have bookmarked in order to get my head screwed on right and refocus. [Read more…]