How to Use BackWPup to Back-up Your WordPress Blog

Backup-WordPressDo you back-up your WordPress blog? You know all those fabulous block posts and pages that you’ve skillfully crafted. It’s a very wise precaution because you never know when tragedy will strike and leave you high and dry.

There are back-up programs you can subscribe to or pay outright for but I’m all about finding great free products whenever possible. I use the free plugin BackWPup to save a copy of my blog and it’s pretty easy to set up. Now I must admit that I’ve been fortunate and not needed to try the restore process but if I did at least I’d have the back-up file to bring my site back to life.

In my last post, Flicker, Crack, Oh Crap – Zapped!  I recommended that you back-up your data and important computer files to external hard drives and/or USB [Read more…]