What Is Internet Marketing Anyway?

what is Internet marketingWe hear the term Internet marketing tossed around all over the Net and often it’s used incorrectly. By definition Internet marketing is promoting something online. This includes promoting products, services, brands or even yourself as a blogger.

Sounds simple enough right?

Well truth be told it’s not as simple as it might sound. Internet marketing merges two of the most important aspects of marketing together – the technical and the creative. That means advertising, development, design, and sales are all one.

Not so simple any more right?

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Online Marketing Winners Are Customer Focused

customer focused marketingWorking for many years in the service industry, I’ve lived the old sales adage “the customer is always right.” Our company motto was, “customer focused, quality driven” and we believed it. We became the best because we proved our motto in our actions and our customers became loyal.

But I believe the adage became so over used that it’s rather ineffective any more. In fact, I’d venture to say that its overuse caused it to lose its true meaning for many businesses. For many sales people and brick and mortar retailers their focus became more about money and profit margins than interest in the customer. [Read more…]

How to Get Things Done as an Online Marketer

blog-editorial-calendar-todayIn my last post, Basic Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers, I shared with you what I feel are the necessary items required for setting up your foundation for success as an online marketer.

With those basics now in place, let’s take a look at how to stay organized and get things done.

Create To-Do Lists

Yes I said it – I really don’t feel you can stay organized and focused without your handy to-do lists. [Read more…]

Basic Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers

Let’s start with a question that we all can answer, and be honest –

marketing disinterestHow many online marketing courses have you been a part of that leave you breathless with excitement, but then all to soon that excitement turns to disinterest and confusion?

That’s a common frustration for many who are trying to learn all they can and get up to speed in online marketing. [Read more…]

Wait Don’t Pull Out Your Wallet!

buy nowAnyone who has been involved in Internet marketing for very long knows that there are numerous reports, eBooks, and follow-along guides on the market that can seriously waste your time and money.

But to be fair, on the positive side there are many that will literally grow your business as if you had a personal mentor standing right beside you.

In an effort to help you find more of the “good” than “bad” there’s a process you should go through for sizing up these tutorials and training resources. Many newbie online marketers get so lost with this process that they end up [Read more…]