Grab the Safety Glasses George, We’re Going to Drill Down on a Niche

Finding-Target NicheFinding the right niche topic for your blog or website seems like it should be the easiest part of operating an online business. But many go about it all wrong.

You look over various topics and ask yourself a few questions like –

  • Is this something I truly have an interest in?
  • Is it something I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience in?
  • Is it something that will hold my interest for the long haul?
  • Is there an audience, I mean is anyone else interested?
  • Is there a means for generating revenue?
  • Is the audience made up of buyers or browsers?

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Using Yahoo Answers to Find Your Blog Audience

niche questions and answersThis is part two of my real life experiment for searching out your niche audience. If you missed part one explaining the process, you can read it here. Just be sure to come back.

The first place we’re going to check out in our little experiment is Yahoo! Answers.  Now I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Yahoo Answers but if not, it’s a question / answer site where readers can post questions on most any topic and someone out in virtual land will stop by and provide an answer.

What I’m hoping to find is a question that has a fairly long response trail which could lead me to my niche audience. So let’s get going – [Read more…]

A Real Life Experiment for Searching Out Your Niche Audience

binoculars240I’ve been reading articles and watching videos lately explaining the various methods for finding your niche audience and connecting with them. You probably already know that no matter what niche you are in, you must get to know your audience in order to talk to them through your blog.

You must research to find what they search for, what they need answers to, so that you can know their problems and desires, basically their hearts and souls. The deeper you dig, the more you’ll be able to connect with them.

So I thought I would run what I guess you could call an experiment for this blog and share with you some of my findings. My focus here with Marilyn Thompson Solutions is to help you become a better blogger and to help you make money with your blog. If you’re in the same niche, well you can thank me because I’ll be doing your research for you. : )

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