Cloud Storage Services I Use

cloud-storageBefore we get to this week’s Fab Friday Blog Share I thought I’d share tidbits about the cloud storage services that I use.

Recently I found myself once again backing up various computer files to multiple locations so that I don’t end up pulling my hair out should a hard drive decide to bite the dust. It’s happened a few times so I’ve learned to maintain at least two back-up resources for important folders, files, and documents.

If you’ve followed along here, you know that I’m a huge fan of WPTwin for creating clone files of my websites – you can read why in Tips for Cloning Your WordPress Site with WPTwin

But I also save many of the files for these sites, along with a sundry of documents, spreadsheets, images, and more to cloud storage locations. When I first started doing so I was like everyone else, asking the question “what is cloud storage?” If you are uncertain this is a great articled to read “How Cloud Storage Works”. [Read more…]