Race Car Driver Determination

DeterminationYou’ve certainly heard many words of motivation before. Words like –

* You must have a determined focus
* Dreams come true with determination, dedication, and self-discipline
* Determined people can’t help but succeed

But what do those words really mean and how can you make them work for you.

Let’s start with a quote from Mario Andretti, which will be our lead into today’s glorious words of wisdom for motivating you toward online business success. [Read more…]

3 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog Posts

engaging-contentToday I want to share with you three straight forward ways to get your blog read. Now I don’t mean merely skimmed, I mean truly read – yep all the way to that last word where of course you thank your reader for sticking with you all the way to the end. After all that’s really why you’re writing blog posts isn’t it?

Now I understand that I’m taking a pretty big chance here. I mean if you choose not to read to the end of this post, well then I guess I failed at implementing my own advice. But if that’s your inclination then I have just one request please. Click here first to tell me why you felt the need to click away.

You’re still here. Oh good, it gets rather lonely, not to mention a waste of time to simply be writing for my own enjoyment. Thanks for having faith in me, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get into the meaty part of this post and why you’re still here. [Read more…]

The Secret Ingredients to Blogging Success

the-secret-ingredients-for-blogsI found in my in-box the other morning, an email with the following subject line:
REVEALED: The Secret Key to Online Success

Wow this must be my lucky day I thought – I’d better open this item right away.

After all, I could be spending hours each day trying to grow my online business and I could be doing it all wrong. Revealed to me right here was the secret key to online success. This could be my big Powerball moment. This could be exactly what every online entrepreneur is looking for, and here it was in my inbox. What good fortune! [Read more…]

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

blog writingWhenever I read blog forum entries, training guides, or free downloadable reports, there is always one question asked and / or addressed in some manner. What’s the question?

How Often Should You Be Blogging?

I must say I even asked that a few times during the early months and determined that there is no one definitive answer because it’s somewhat of a rhetorical question.

To me, now that I’ve started blogging seriously, if you have to ask that question maybe you aren’t meant for blogging in the first place. People serious about blogging are anxious to write articles. They are energized by their niche topic and can’t wait to get to work each morning to share information or news with their readers.

Being a serious blogger takes hard work and if you need to ask that question, well then it may be a sign that you’re in the wrong niche or the wrong marketing method. But I suppose at some point it is a question that must be answered when considering blog traffic and authority.

There are always those people who appear to be influential in their niche who blog infrequently. Maybe it’s because creating blog posts is a side tool for them. Instead of blog posts they create vlogs (video posts), podcasts, webinars, or in person seminars to attract and nurture their audience.

In my mind these people are not really bloggers but instead online marketers, which is fine if that is how they wish to promote their message and build a following. A serious blogger is someone who has chosen to make their website the main platform for engaging with their audience. If that is you, then let me answer the question by saying two things:

1. You need to make a commitment to blog and share on a regular basis.

2. You need to blog more, the more the better as long as it is worthy content.

Submitting blog posts just to post content and hopefully make your site look fresh will be a waste of time. Serious bloggers post when they have something of interest and value to share. They post what their reader is looking for because they have taken the time to find out who their reader is.

To determine your blog post frequency start by planning out your blog topic outline with a possible title and a brief snippet regarding the content. This will do a couple of things. It will help you come up with ideas and it will help you stay focused and on target of your topic. You will not be wasting time searching for post topics as the creative juices will be flowing.

Now as far as search engine bots (spiders) are concerned, it is important to have a certain amount of “freshness” in your blog. At first they may visit your blog once every few weeks, but as they recognize the freshness of your blog they visit more regularly which helps your site get indexed and noticed by the search engines.

It’s also helps to build blog subscribers, as your followers come to know that you blog regularly. If this is a topic they’re interested in and you stay on topic, then you become the go-to authority in your niche – the person they know will have continual updates and fresh information.

For the most part when you reach this point, blogging daily is recommended but it’s not always feasible. If you’re like me it’s better to write blog posts when the mind is energized and on target and not to force it when it simply will not cooperate. What I mean is, write more than one blog post at a time. Write three or four posts or a blog series when the juices are at work, that way when they are not, you still have quality content to post.

The bottom line is to be consistent.

Remember when you choose to make serious blogging a major part of your business then your activity must remain steady and reliable. If you start drifting away then so will your audience, basically no audience means no readers, no subscribers, and well, no business.

Now I turn to you – How often do you feel a serious blogger should post?


Marilyn Thompson

Using Pingler to Boost Blog Traffic

This is week three of my blog pinging experiment and as mentioned yesterday I will be using Pingler for this week’s blog posts. Today I have a short video for you about using Pingler, settle back and take a look.

Click the box in the right corner of the video if you would like to view in full screen.


For Google Analytics results to week three, come back next Monday, December 16th, but please return tomorrow for my riveting review of the Dragon Speech Recognition software.

Marilyn T   

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Take a Tip from Television – Create a Blog Post Series

Hot-TopicI’ve learned that it’s best to not only remain focused on the topic of your blog but to also stay on a particular topic occasionally for more than just one blog post.

Sure, there are times when one post will suffice because that’s all the information needed to explain your topic. But I’ve also seen blog posts that seem to go on and on, far longer than the average person will stick with them.

Remember that the average Internet reader will simply skim your blog post for information and only read it in its entirety if it truly addresses a problem or question they have. In my opinion, when a post runs longer than 600 – 700 words it runs the risk of becoming too long and losing the interest of the reader.

It may have great valuable content but if the reader doesn’t stay then it becomes simply a lesson in writing. So the answer is to split that long article into two or more posts making it a short series of posts. The benefit is that your reader may stay longer and read your entire post and it may also entice them to return for your follow up post.

Think of it like Television Executives

There are many shows that run as a weekly series, following stories about the character’s personal and professional lives or by following performances in the spectrum of the music and dance competition shows. The idea is to get the viewer locked into watching week after week – soap operas excelled at this.

The same should be true with your blog posts. If you can solve a problem or provide tips through your blog then do so in a series of posts along the same venue. This will help to lend credibility to your site and give the reader a reason to subscribe or at least return to follow along.

Keep in mind, that this blog series need run one day after the other. You will see that I’m running a three week series here about blog ping services and reporting my results weekly. That’s because it is a topic that needs to cover a period of time not simple a few days.

What is important when you do this is to make it clear to your reader when you will be posting on that series topic and what you will be covering. This way they know when to return if they are not a daily follower.

If you do run a multi-week series don’t stay away from your blog during the in-between times. Find something to blog about and stay connected to your readers. Keep it alive and well.

Write Product Reviews

If your blog topic is not really one that lends itself to tips and tutorials then consider writing reviews. It can be about a book you enjoyed that you want to encourage your readers to read, or it can be a series on a digital product that you purchased and are implementing. Simply explain why you bought it, the download process, your thoughts on the sales page, and how you are or will be implementing the product. The series could be a before, during, and after progression.

If it’s a product you are an affiliate for, you can ask your audience to purchase and follow along as you both put it to use. Write about a chapter or two per day depending on the length of the course or write about the video modules included.

Be sure to link back to each previous and upcoming blog post so that new readers finding your blog somewhere in the middle can take in the entire series. This is especially important if you are running a series of tips or tutorials.

Now that I’m at risk of running a post that’s too long, I will stop here. But please let me know your thoughts on taking a tip from television and creating a blog post series.

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Marilyn T

Using Pingoat to Boost Blog Traffic

In continuing my experiment on pinging my blog posts to boost traffic, I shot this video to show you the service I will be using and two that I will not be using. Come along and let’s take a look.

Click the box in the right corner of the video if you would like to view in full screen.

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH9g2ii5So0&feature=youtu.be

Pingoat submitted successfully to 59 of 62 sites. I will submit my remaining posts for this week and monitor the results through Google Analytics to find out if these ping services will be helpful for driving quality traffic, not spam traffic, or make no difference at all.

For results to week two, come back next Monday, December 9nd, but please return tomorrow for a look at the importance of creating a series of blog posts.

Marilyn T   

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Fab Friday Blog Share 22

Happy Friday!

To my friends in the U.S., I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day yesterday. It’s a wonderful time to take a moment to share the enjoyment of spending time with friends and family.

I decided to submit a couple articles to Squidoo this week, to take advantage of the Christmas season. One seems to have vanished into the Squidoo airwaves which I’ve never experienced before. The support team is looking into the mystery though. The other is about Christmas Dinnerware – you can check it out here if you wish. http://www.squidoo.com/christmas-dinnerware-favorites [Read more…]

Why You Should Have a Blog Editorial Calendar

blog-editorial-calendar-todayI spent much of yesterday morning building my blogging calendar for the next few weeks. Want to know why I did that?

One reason – To stay focused

See unlike many bloggers I seldom run out of topic ideas for blog posts, instead I tend to have an abundance of ideas. So what’s the problem, you ask? I get easily distracted by these topic ideas popping into my head and drift away from what I should really be focusing on.

So I generated a blog editorial calendar that I can refer to daily to keep me on task and on track. This blog calendar is every bit as important to my site as the WordPress plugins I choose to help make the most of my blog efforts.

There are 3 things to remember when you become serious about blogging –

  • Get Organized and Become Focused on the Topic of your Blog
  • Create a Blogging Calendar Listing Post Topics
  • Maintain a Blogging Schedule

Get Organized and Focused on the Topic of your Blog

When you begin to blog on a regular basis it can be embarrassing and will hurt your blog traffic if you start abandoning your blog or venture off topic. When you’re scattered, it confuses the readers, search engine bots, and most importantly you.
I know – I’ve been there!

  • Take the time to pinpoint the reason you blog
  • Ask yourself what you feel your audience is looking for
  • Make a list of blog topics

Begin by brainstorming ideas. Simply toss out ideas and then look them over again and hang onto those that are on target. If you wait for inspiration to strike as you sit down to write you may very well be disappointed. This also helps to act as a pair of blinders for those days when you seem to be waffling or are easily distracted by those bright shiny objects.

Create a Blogging Calendar Listing Post Topics

A blog editorial calendar is just as it sounds, a map or schedule for your blogging efforts. I put mine together in Microsoft Excel because I love Excel. You can use any program you like, there are a slew of actual blogging calendar programs, such as from this site – http://www.pdfcalendar.com/monthly/ – or you can use an actual calendar and jot down your ideas.

Don’t start writing at this point. Simply, write down the blog topic or title on specific days of the week – not in a list for the entire week, actually on a particular day. This will set a deadline for your posts that will hold you accountable. Think about how much time you have to write these posts to help determine how many articles you can generate each week.

This is also a good way to keep a pattern to your posts. Let’s suppose you have a blog about raising dogs, your list of topics may look like this –

  • Breed selection –articles on the temperament and traits of specific dog breeds and what type of home is best
  • Caring for your dog –articles on the decision to handle all grooming needs at home or seek a qualified groomer
  • Behavioral issues – articles on training, finding a dog trainer, curbing unwanted behaviors

You blog posts are on topic and easy for your readers to follow.

Maintain a Blogging Schedule

It is important that you begin creating your content and publish it on a regular blogging schedule. Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. If you can only post once or twice per week then do that and stick to it.

If your blog is part of your business you will need to post on a more frequent schedule, some say daily. You should really want to blog and look forward to waking up in the morning anxious to get to work. After all, you’re building a business.

Your editorial calendar will help you do this. Check back to it each day to ensure that you are on course. I add a catch up day each week to my blogging calendar because there are often unplanned events that may interrupt my schedule. I find that this becomes a free day if I’m on schedule or a day to relieve stress if I’m not.

Do you have a blog editorial calendar?

Comment Now –

Marilyn T

Boost Blog Traffic with Google Ping

As I wrote yesterday, I’m working on a little experiment to see if using ping services will actually boost traffic to my two blogs. The first service I am using is Google Ping and I decided to create a short video so you could take a look inside Google Ping with me.

This is my first video so bear with me, I’m sure they’ll get better as time goes by. Click the box in the right corner of the video if you would like to view in full screen.

On this first day, Google Ping submitted successfully to 81 of 84 sites. I will monitor my blog traffic in Google Analytics to find out if these ping services will be helpful for driving quality traffic, spam traffic, or make no difference at all.

For results to week one, come back next Monday, December 2nd, but please come back here tomorrow for a look at setting up a blog editorial calendar.


Marilyn T   

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