Blog Success Forecaster Review

I discovered an interesting little program the other day and decided I would document using it as I went along so that I could share my impressions with you here. The name of the product is Blog Success Forecaster and as the name implies, its purpose is to help you determine if your blog will be a success.

No there’s no crystal ball or gypsy fortune teller that comes forward. Instead it’s more about helping you understand the necessary components of a successful blog.

The Blog Success Forecaster was created by Mary Jaksch. I wasn’t familiar with Mary but her bio credits her as an author, the owner of websites “Write to Done” and “Good Life Zen”, co-owner of A-List Blogger Club, holding a black belt in karate, and residing in New Zealand.

As Mary states in her Welcome letter, Blog Success Forecaster isn’t simply a product where you watch videos and read articles, you actually have to do something. Now I like that because the chances are good that this won’t simply be yet another item to fill space on your hard drive. [Read more…]