Income Shops Review – Part 2

Hello there, did you enjoy the Income Shops Review – Part 1? If you missed it simply click here before reading Part 2, just be sure to come back.

To recap, IncomeShops is a complete storefront on your own website that you populate with virtual affiliate inventory [Read more…]

Amazon Links in Pinterest Update

pinterest-amazonAmazon / Pinterest Cautions

A while back I published a post about Setting up Your Amazon Affiliate Account for Pinterest Tracking you can read it here. I was reminded by a couple commenters that when not done correctly and by Amazon affiliate guidelines you may be putting your affiliate account at risk. This was a god reminder because I certainly did not make that clear in my post. So let’s take a look at how this can be done professionally and safely. [Read more…]

Adding Your Affiliate Link to Pinterest

amazon 2Two days ago I talked about Making Money with Pinterest; you can read that post here. Then I showed you How to Set up Your Amazon Affiliate Account. Today I’ll share with you how to add your Affiliate Code to the images you pin in Pinterest.

For simplicity sake I chose to work with Amazon affiliate links although the steps are similar for other affiliates you may have. [Read more…]

Setting up Your Amazon Affiliate Account for Pinterest Tracking


pinterest-amazonYesterday I wrote about Making Money with Pinterest, if you missed it you can read that post here.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you How to Add Your Affiliate Code to the images you Pin. For simplicity sake I’ll just be talking about Amazon affiliate links although it can be done with many others.

Today I’ll share how to set up your Amazon Affiliate Account for those who don’t already have one, how to set up Pinterest Tracking, and the Associates Site Stripe Option. [Read more…]

Making Money with Pinterest

pinterest-300Do you use Pinterest as part of your business plan?

I don’t mean just clicking the Pinterest button on your blog to notify the Pinterest audience of your new blog post, I mean to actually promote products and make money.

I always pin my Squidoo and Zujava articles that promote affiliate products so that they link back to the articles and possibly I’ll make a sale. I’ve had a bit of luck, not a lot but some. [Read more…]