Getting Paid as an Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketingThis is probably one of your very first questions and let me tell you with some programs it’s not always easy to find a direct answer. As an affiliate marketer you work hard to make a commission and of course, you want your payments (link to #10) as soon as humanly possible. But not all networks or product owners pay out at the same rate.

Third Party Sites

Sites like Zujava pay out two months after the commissions are earned and their pay dates are usually around the middle of the month. Amazon pays out in a similar manner, paying out two months after commissions are made but their pay dates are at the end of the month. So let me explain – if you have a really good month in December for Christmas sales, you won’t see those funds until February. [Read more…]

7 Affiliate Marketing Companies Smart Affiliate Marketers Know

affiliate marketing companiesAs an affiliate marketer, there are many companies that offer commissions for promoting products.  But there are seven specific affiliate marketing companies you should know that have a great reputation and many products to choose from.

Each of these operates in the United States and some in multiple countries. If you don’t live in the U.S. be sure to look into your local affiliate marketing companies as well.


  1. Amazon

Amazon may quite possibly be the most popular affiliate program and it can be rather profitable too. You can earn commissions by promoting a wide variety of products available on their site, and the sign up process is quick and easy.

Amazon overs everything from books and bedding – gaming devices to kids toys – cooking equipment to groceries – and everything in between. Plus they provide you with ready-made banners and share links for adding directly to your site.

  1. ClickBank

ClickBank is a super popular site for smart affiliate marketers as it offers a variety of affiliate programs for digital products, not tangible products. Through ClickBank, you can promote eBooks and guides as well as video courses and membership sites and get this – earn as much as a 50% commission or more – some of the highest in the industry.  It’s easy to sign up as an affiliate and begin promoting products right away.

By signing up with these top affiliate marketing companies, you can leverage the network they already have in place to promote products.  You’ll get access to tools such as banner ads and affiliate links to make product promotion easy. Some even supply you with editable email letters for your campaigns and graphics for social media marketing.

  1. Commission Junction

Commission Junction (now CJ Affiliate by Conversant) is affiliate marketing company that has been in business for years and is one of the top. They have numerous top brand advertisers representing many different products and niches to choose from.

Commission Junction offers you a network of large companies to work with once you’re accepted, but because of its size and reputation, it can be difficult to get accepted initially.  So be patient because once you’re accepted, it can be very profitable.

  1. JVZoo

JVZoo is an affiliate program that many people love because it pays commissions immediately to your PayPal account once you prove you’re not a scammer. While most affiliate programs have a waiting period of up to 60 days for payments, that’s not the case with JVZoo – here you get immediate access to commissions.

The sign up process is simple and gives you access to many products to promote across a number of niches but mostly the vast Internet Marketing niche. Typically you promote a product by writing a review or recommendation and then send your visitor straight to the product sales page to make the sale.

  1. Linkshare

Linkshare (now Rakuten Affiliate Network) was one of the first affiliate networking companies established.  It has a simple process for signing up and once you’re accepted, you have access to a large number of companies for product promotion. Like Commission Junction, very large companies are included and they are even rated on their performance and commission structure. You can search by niche topic or top sellers.

  1. Share A Sale

ShareASale is very similar to LinkShare in that they too are an affiliate networking company. Their affiliate programs allow you to select from a large network of over 2,500 merchants whose products you can promote. They’re known for being ethical, easy to use, and provides many resources for promoting on your own blog or other type of website.

  1. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is the affiliate program that promotes items being sold in the popular Internet marketing Warrior Forum. As a smart affiliate marketer you should join the Warrior Forum if you have not already. This allows you to promote Warrior Special Offers, also known as WSOs.  It uses PayPal to deliver funds and has a simple registration process.

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Can You Really Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer?

make money with affiliate marketingIf you’re considering affiliate marketing as a full time source of income, the most important question you may be asking is how much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?  Well without sounding like one of the scammers – affiliate marketing offers unlimited earnings potential.

It’s true – it all depends on how much effort you put into it. If you think of your efforts as running a business then yes, you can earn a good income. The total amount is absolutely up to you. [Read more…]