Start with Free Platforms as an Affiliate Marketer

make moneyWhen you’re first starting out and learning about affiliate marketing, it may be a wise idea to take advantage of free platforms that you can use to promote products in your niche.  While you shouldn’t depend 100% on these sites, they can help support what you’re doing as you learn the ropes.



Blogger is a free tool that allows you to set up a blog. It gives you a free template you can use to begin blogging and it’s very simple to use. If you choose to, you can get free hosting for your blog through, or you can pay for hosting using another service


WordPress is a very popular tool for setting up a blog.  It’s free to use and has many different plugins to add useful features to your blog.  WordPress also has free hosting available at that allows you to set up a free blog.

However, you can also use WordPress with another hosting service so that you have more control over your own blog.  This is what we would definitely suggest.

This way your site is in your control not someone else when using a free service. Purchasing hosting isn’t as expensive as you might think and will allow you to have more freedom with your blog. We recommend iPage or Host Gator.

Blogging is a great way to share information and develop a following of people interested in purchasing products in your niche.  When you choose free hosting, the rules can change at any time – and you may find that all your hard work disappears. Plus, you’re subject to any advertising they stick on your blog, sometimes directly competing with your own affiliate offers!

Paying for hosting guarantees that you have more control over your business. 

However, you can use free templates from Blogger or WordPress to get started with your affiliate business if you’re on a shoestring budget.  There’s no need to spend a lot of money up front developing a blog template.

Hub Pages

Hub Pages is a site where you can earn money by writing articles in a niche.  It is also the home for many Squidoo users as Hub Pages bought out Squidoo a while back. The site is free to join and you’ll be given a subdomain to use.  You make money through advertising on your pages through Google AdSense and Amazon.


Zujava is a site where you can create pages about anything that interests you or where you can write content in your specific niche.  Be certain though to check their TOS list to make sure your topic isn’t banned. You can join and get a free account in seconds and you can earn money from referrals to Zujava, Amazon commissions, as well as advertising shares.  Because Zujava is relatively new, there’s more opportunity to write about a subject that hasn’t been written about before or at least not as much.


As you work to increase your income from affiliate marketing, it’s important to have multiple streams of income, meaning more than one avenue.  Using these free platforms can help you expand your business and reach more people before you opt for your own website.

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