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presenting sports cloneI received an email from Erica Stone the other day with this intro “Fully Loaded Amazon Site in Under Two Hours”. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it. It’s that type of intro or heading that just makes you want to click. Erica has a background in marketing and is very good at persuasion. In this email she was promoting a hot new product called “Sports Clone”.

The headline of her email took me back a moment as it was “Without Writing a Single Word . . .” Erica was really promoting a product for building Amazon sites without writing content? I was surprised. So I decided I needed to check this out and provide you with a quick review or possibly an evaluation is a better term.


Sports Clone – Is It Really That Good?

Erica’s email stated that she bought the product at 11:05 pm and had a new Amazon site set up by 12:49am (I guess she’s a night owl). Now that’s fast.

  • Product purchase
  • Domain name
  • Instruction review
  • Completed site

All in less than two hours – Do I think I could build the site that fast?

Quite possibly – After looking over the sales copy I believe just about anyone could build a site in two to three hours and that seems amazing. The faster you can get a site up and running – the sooner you have the potential for making money.

As you may have guessed, Sports Clone is all about setting up sites for promoting the Sports and Outdoor niche which can definitely be a money making niche.

Here’s a look at the Sports Clone Home Page

There are two layout options for your site, light and dark. Personally I always prefer the light colored layouts. You can click the images below to go to the sales page if you’d like to see a demo version in action.

sporsts clone layouts

What I Like About Sports Clone

The Slider

sports clone slider

Those images just below the site heading and tagline are sent in a slider so that they move across the page. This often improves your conversion rate as they entice the visitor to click. In this instance when they do, they are taken to a product review page populated with the Amazon product image, details, features, description, and buy buttons. The visitor can click in a number of places to visit Amazon and ideally make their purchase.

The Category Columns with Images

Just below the slider are three columns listing images with a brief description and are clickable. The column headings are again strong click enticers –

  • Best Sellers
  • Top Rated
  • High Quality

sports clone columns

This time though when your visitor clicks a product they are taken to a product review page with a short 2-minute or so video about the product and then populated with the Amazon product image, details, features, description, and buy buttons. The video is a nice touch for encouraging click through.

Numerous Amazon Promotion Widgets

On the main page there are three Amazon widgets near the footer and on the product review pages there are three Amazon widgets in the left sidebar, three near the footer, and another below those three. All are naturally more ways to entice the visitor to go shopping.

More That I Like

  • Similar products suggested below each product description
  • Built-in Social buttons in a variety of locations
  • Legal forms like the TOS, Amazon disclaimer, privacy policy, and such are prewritten
  • Multiple menu locations – main menu at the top and a four row category menu in the middle of the home page – I counted 39 in this area.
  • 25 clickable product images on the home page with tons of pages to advance to

sports clone products

What Concerns Me About Sports Clone

Sites All Too Similar

All sites look the same and have the same content. Erica included a link to the store she created in two hours and other than having a unique name and different items in her site slider, the other product content appeared to be the same. Even the blog tab brought up the same content as in the sales copy.

Extensive Product Selection

You would think this would be a plus and maybe it is but it covers everything in the sports and outdoor arena. I wonder if the store is not focused enough and if the vast array of products would be a distraction. Much in the same manner as selecting a targeted niche for your blog would it be better to focus on a targeted niche for the store site? The OTO solves this issue though as it allows you to create multiple sites and customize them so that you could focus on one sport or theme.

Is Sports Clone Worth Buying?

Yes, I believe Sports Clone is worth buying although I haven’t yet for two reasons.

1. By the time I saw and read Erica’s email there was less than 15 minutes remaining on the early bird discount. Seeing as how it took me say 10 minutes to briefly run through her site and peruse the Sports Clone sales pages, I felt I hadn’t time to look through it thoroughly as I have now. I’m usually not an impulse buyer.

2. I’m curious what you think of Sports Clone and if you feel it’s worth buying. Since I missed the early bird discount I have nothing to lose by waiting a couple of days, unless they up the price.

So I ask you – what do you think of Sports Clone – should we buy it?


Marilyn T


  1. You guys are thinking of it the wrong way. Sportsclone is not meant to rank. Think of it as a landing page to thousands of possible sales. At the end of the day traffic is the only way to make money whether online or offline. So you just have to figure out a way to drive traffic to your sports site without waiting for google to rank your site. The thing I like about sportclone is, it gives you thousands of niches to target. don;t think of selling golf clubs(everybody is going for that), but think about selling something smaller and that might be overlooked like golf ball pins. I am not affiliated with the product, I am just a customer. I was reading your blog and saw all the comments about original content and search engine rankings. what high traffic keyword do you think you will rank for anytime soon. My guess is none. Tip1 Social Media is the new way to go Tip2 If you are going to blog, use blogger or google plus( google gives preference with their services over others). See how much faster your blogger blog will make it to the first page. The you just, put a call to action to your personal blog. I just put all this at the top of my head. And That was just one of many ways to drive traffic to any website, unique or cloned. Tip3 Target Local Area Whe Trying To Rank Content. Google will give preference to content related locally. Anyways sorry for the long spill. Check out my Sports clone site
    Ziggy recently posted…Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, BlackMy Profile

  2. I am trying to focus on just one site at the moment. Gone are the days when I was creating sites all the time. I am gradually letting them go as the domain names come up for renewal and it has really lightened my load and I’m a lot happier not contributing to the noise online. The sites this product creates look good but the more people make them the less valuable they are and the more online noise they create. The longer I am online the more I think there are no shortcuts to success, only hard work and providing value to real people.
    Ana recently posted…Top Ten Lies In Online Dating ProfilesMy Profile

    • You are so correct Ana that there are no short cuts to success. So glad you’re finding your focus that will certainly speed up your success.

  3. I guess I could see it being useful as an add-on to an existing sport site, purely for the affiliate sale aspect. I don’t think I’d use it as just a site leading straight to the store though. I mean really, it’s no different than anyone elses which means you can’t really compete in search engines, you’d have to build true marketing to gain your customers from other sites or ads or something. Looks interesting and I like the concept but it’s a bit to basic to be useful for me personally.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Kindle Book Publishing Project Update #2 – Creating the Outline and Importing into ScrivenerMy Profile

    • Exactly Misty and without the search engine help you’d spend a ton of time on self-promotion. As I mentioned to Jan, Pinterest would be a viable source as would be sites like Squidoo, but I’m thinking too much time spent with little return. The product is a hot seller though.

  4. If you are not writing a word, how do you make the site unique? A bunch of clone sites isn’t likely to get traffic via search these days, so will need more work on promotion.
    Not for me Marilyn.
    Jan Kearney recently posted…You Are What You Share (Or How Your Personal Status Updates Directly Impact Business)My Profile

    • That was my take too Jan. If your site does not stand out on its own merit you will need to promote heavily. Pinterest might be a good avenue but it would still take plenty of work.

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