Secrets to Making People Buy Online

online buyersLet’s continue once again with the topic of understanding online buyers. We all recognize that online shopping is no longer the exception – in fact it’s a major component of business. Every marketer from the massive discount stores to the local boutique should have a strong online retail presence.

Assuming that you’re a solo marketer and not a brand name business, what makes people want to buy from you? What are the secrets to making people buy online? The answer is the same regardless of the size of the business because it’s about the psychology of online shopping more than about the product or price.


The vast un-walled Internet is both huge and personal at the same time. In a sense, it may be more personal that your in-person shopping experience. No I’m not crazy, think about it. Buyers, yes your prospects shape the Internet with their interests, searches, desires and purchases.

Trends on the Internet are people-driven. Your site may be seen all over the world, but it still needs to be tightly focused to appeal to your best prospects. You can’t create a one-size-fits-all site, that’s why going with a niche too broad is a recipe for disaster. Remember you want connect with your audience to make them buyers and that is easier with targeted focus.

At the same time, expect to have visitors. Put the virtual welcome map out for your prospects to feel comfortable on your site. Entice them, encourage them, excitement drives purchases online.

Ever bid on an item on eBay? In some ways it’s much like a live auction because you get caught up in the online auction wars. In both venues the auction creates that desperation among buyers who want to get the item partly because they want it but also to win the item from other bidders.

It’s envy personified. You don’t need an auction to create a buying frenzy. You can do that with a limited number of products or a limited time special offer.

It’s like that impulse buying stuff not on your shopping list that you toss in your grocery cart while waiting to check out line. Retailers know that this is the last chance to get you to buy things that you don’t need just because it’s there and appears to be a bargain.

The bonus products at the end of the sales letter are the online version of the impulse buy. You might resist the major product only to be hooked by the extra offers. When it comes down to making people buy online, the reasons are the same for buying a $17 information product as for buying a $17,000 painting at a local fine arts gallery.

Those Making People Buy Online Secrets

The reason people buy is really as simple as using the alphabet, or at least a portion of the alphabet.

  • Acquire – the drive to acquire, to have more, to have something better and flashier than the neighbors or colleagues
  • Better – the drive for that thing that appears to be better, the most trendy, that new item or improved version of the item
  • Convenience – the desire to have something to make your life easier, more comfortable, more convenient
  • Distraction – a way to check out of the mundane aspects of life and live in the fantasy or distraction from the day to day
  • Envy – the desire to create envy among others because you have the first, best or most exclusive product

I’ll bet you get the idea. This post isn’t about the full alphabet of buying secrets anyway, maybe that will be a future post. (Hmm, light bulb moment)

What you do need to take away are two things –

  • You need to know more than “who” your product appeals to
  • You need to know “why” it appeals to that market.

Connect with these secrets and keep that focus on your presentation to your customer and you will find that right button that makes them take action.

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