Race Car Driver Determination

DeterminationYou’ve certainly heard many words of motivation before. Words like –

* You must have a determined focus
* Dreams come true with determination, dedication, and self-discipline
* Determined people can’t help but succeed

But what do those words really mean and how can you make them work for you.

Let’s start with a quote from Mario Andretti, which will be our lead into today’s glorious words of wisdom for motivating you toward online business success.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

I don’t know Mario personally but I’m pretty certain he had a resilient determination throughout is winning career as a race car driver, having won races such as the Formula One, Indy Car, NASCAR, and many others. So what does that have to do with our online business?

Everything! You must look at your business with the same determination as a winning race car driver. You must prepare, you must learn, you must take action, and you must know your objective.


A race car driver has a crew to make certain that there’s air in the tires and fuel in the car. But the driver still looks over the car before he/she suits up. Once they slide in and the starting gun fires they hit the accelerator and they hit it hard.

They don’t gently press the pedal like those aggravating drivers on the road ahead of us during our commute – they hit it aggressively because they have a job ahead of them. They have a job of winning.

As do you. Ask yourself a couple of questions –

  1. What is it that you want your blog or website to do?
  2. Have you prepared yourself for it to get there?

Whatever your niche, you must have a purpose for your site or it’s not really a money making venture, it is instead a means of entertainment or personal satisfaction.

You must start each day with the commitment to prepare and to take action. When you go to work writing or videoing blog posts or whatever content, do your prep work and then sit down and get the job done. No waffling around over this and that.


A budding race car driver doesn’t simply jump in the car and start driving fast that would unquestionably have undesirable consequences. Instead they practice, they study, and they learn all that they can about racing cars.

With your business you must learn all that you can in order to beat out your competition and uncover what your audience is searching for. You must spend those agonizing hours doing niche and keyword research. I don’t know about you, but that’s the part of this business that drives me nuts, but I know I must follow through with it or I’m simply wasting my time.

Learn who your audience is by going where they go. Find their questions so that you can provide the answers. Better than that, you’re in business right – find the answer and present it in a manner that will make them want to buy.

Your research is what paves the way for your business to be a success. It is the door of opportunity that opens if you hear it knocking. Many people miss hearing the knock because they’re not certain of their direction.

Take Action

How many products have you purchased that are still sitting on your computer, a hard drive, or a shelf? Don’t ask me, because I’m not going to fess up. But I will lead you to a product that helped me turn away from the light and learn to take action.

The product was Tiffany Lambert’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome, and the bottom line is that it works.I suggest you grab your copy and change that cycle.

Take on that race car driver determination and become single-minded -so focused on taking action that no pesky distractions will get the best of you. You no longer will let them win the race. Formulate a plan of attack and then act on it.

  • Add unique content to your site on a steady regular basis
  • Get that report or eBook written that you’ve been meaning to get to
  • Start that new niche site, create that product, whatever it is put a solid plan in place and take action.

On that note, I have taken action on a new niche site that I will be unveiling very soon. It’s something I’ve wanted to tackle for some time so now I’m taking action.

Know Your Objective

Earlier I mentioned that you must have a purpose for your site and I’m pretty certain that you could easily tell me what that purpose was. But in order for that to come to monetary or personal fruition, you must know your objective. What is it you are trying to achieve?

  • Are you looking for buyers?
  • Are you looking for subscribers?
  • Are you looking for followers?

Whatever it is you must always have it in clear view. When you record your videos, write your blog posts, put together a tutorial, interact in social media and forums, you must always have this objective in mind.

Now I’m not suggesting you constantly push the sale much like an infomercial that is a swift turn off for me personally. What I am suggesting is that like the race car driver once the race starts you focus on the finish line and then the one after that.

Know your objective and know your strategy. Set out your progress with focused intention only slowing down to refuel or in our case, to get back on track if we’ve momentarily lost our way. It happens to us all, but it’s how we bounce back that matters.

What type of determination do you have?

Marilyn T

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  1. Love this analogy Marilyn and it’s very spot on. I’ve recently been helping a friend of mine get into the niche site business and I’m going to show him this article because he’s been fighting me about the process. he wants to jump right in but I’ve been trying to show him there is a ton to learn before jumping in.

    • Thanks Misty,

      I hope it helps in his understanding that this business certainly does not happen overnight, I’m sure we all wished that results came faster.

  2. Interesting analogy and one that certainly seems to be true. I really enjoyed this post; the theme of the article and the points that you made.

  3. What a wonderful article, Marilyn! It’s true – nothing gets done without determination and focus.

    BTW: My sisters went to school with Mario’s son and I visited his home, when he lived in Nazareth – his house was across the street from my school. I wanted to meet him – so I knocked on his door! 🙂

    He answered and let me in. Real nice guy, that Mario!

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