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power suggest proI’ve had a couple recommendations land in my email inbox for this tool from marketers I trust so I thought I’d check it out. I am so glad I did! This essential tool is Power Suggest Pro, maybe you’ve heard of it too. There are so many keyword tools on the market that my initial thought was that this was just going to be a rehashing of the same old tools. I figured I’d click off their sales page in moments but not at all, I was pleasantly surprised with the impressive Power Suggest Pro.

Power Suggest Pro is a game changer – a game changer that will save you hours of research time. I bought Power Suggest Pro and starting plugging in keyword ideas right away and OMG the results are amazing for drilling down niche markets, finding your audience pain points, and uncovering those buyer keyword phrases. Plus it pulled up content ideas I would never have thought of. Once you give it a try, those idea gears will start turning and your online business will be on fire.

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Power Suggest Pro Overview

This product is actually cutting edge software that ties together the power of 6 major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and EBay) to quickly uncover thousands of untapped keywords and niches I don’t you’d ever think off. Or if you did it would take hours to come up with a quarter of them.

I use a number of free and paid for keyword research tools but none give me the mega keyword solutions that Power Suggest Pro delivers. But it’s not simply a keyword tool – it’s a tool for:

  • Harvesting niche research
  • A ton of content ideas
  • Finding your audience pain points
  • Finding buyer phrases
  • Creating comparison product reviews
  • And more

I truly have spent hours, okay days, trying to come up with this type of information and never came close to the power house of data that Power Suggest Pro delivers in minutes. I understand too that the price will be going up in a few days…

power suggest pro 2


Not convinced? Let me share a few screenshots –

 Audience Research Results

Using the search term – * for young couples

power suggest pro audience


Buyer Keyword Results

Using the search term – top of the line

power suggest pro buyer keywords


Content Idea Results

Using the search term – online course for

power suggest pro content ideas


Niche Research Results

Using the search term – Internet marketing for

power suggest pro niche research


Pain Point Results

Using the search term – * that actually works
power suggest pro pain points

Do yourself a favor, give Power Suggest Pro a try I’m sure you will agree it is the best online marketing research tool hands down.

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~ Marilyn Thompson





  1. Marilyn,
    It looks very interesting! I often forget to do keyword research, cause I mainly go from the top of my head, which is good in a way because I get to be genuine and share my true feelings, but if it’s something no one is looking for, it doesn’t matter how good the content might be.

    I really need something to help me focus on what it is I NEED to blog about instead of want to blog about. In order to get people to my site, I have to provide helpful content that they’re actually looking for. I swore off buying anything new since I’m currently in the homemaker role, but I think this is a must have.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…One of the main reasons I love being an Internet MarketerMy Profile

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I think you could refer to yourself as being in the entrepreneur-in-the-making mode. LOL
      You are totally right about finding what people are looking for and then delivering that helpful content being the key. But we’ve all been down the road of going off the top of our heads – it’s so much easier that way.

  2. I’m with Victoria in that this whole arena with keyword searches does make me incredible nervous because I don’t know here to begin. Thank you for this great review… and I look forward to more since I real don’t know much about this space.

    • I know exactly what you mean Tamala. keyword research is tougher than most will let on, that’s why I really like Power Suggest Pro. i wish I had this months ago – really! It makes sense out of the mind boggling keyword search and helps me find so many topics foe content.

  3. Great review Marilyn. I am terrible at keyword research because I never know where or how to begin.
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…Make Money with Kindle Books – How to Get Good Feedback for Your BookMy Profile

    • I know exactly what you mean, I’m often the same way. This would be perfect for you as it has 150 built-in starter ideas and many more suggestions when you do enter a topic.
      I’ve not seen anything as grand before.

  4. This looks really interesting. I’m still looking for a keyword tool that is really good, so you may have me sold. I’ll have to discuss things with the hubby later. All my business purchases are run through him first, like all his spending is run through me.
    Alexandria Gunn recently posted…Weekly Roundup: Making Money Blogging Week 2My Profile

    • That’s an interesting arrangement Alexandria, I’m sure it cuts down on the impulsive buying.
      I truly think this tool will help you immensely, it pulled up ideas I would never have thought off and really had me thinking of a variety of angles on the same topic. Keep in mind that the price is going up from $37 to $57 I think in the next few days. Glad you stopped by!

  5. If I didn’t already have a copy of another product, I’d be tempted. It looks very good – thanks for the heads-up on it.
    Mel Day recently posted…How Much Do You Believe In What You’re Doing?My Profile

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