PLR Mini Mart Sale – Hurry Ends Soon!

Hello there, do you use PLR articles for your blog or website? If so, there is a special going on that I don’t want you to miss.

Tiffany Lambert runs the PLR Mini Mart and she’s offering a fantastic discount on all her PLR articles and article packs. You can access her store here:

What’s the sale?

Over 600 PLR packs covering a huge range of topics that normally sell for $5 a pack are now only $1. That’s right $1! $1 per pack not per page

If you have visited Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Mini Mart before then you know how great her writing is. Actually it’s not just great, it’s fabulous! If you are new to Tiffany’s work, do yourself a favor and check it out. She writes in a very conversational, down to earth style that is ideal for your blogging community.

You can use her writing simply as is, or better yet tweak it a bit to give it your own style and voice. Unlike other PLR products I have bought, Tiffany’s is 99% grammatically correct no misspellings or poor sentence structure. She even gets the instances of “it’s and its” correct. : )

So don’t miss out on this fantastic sale – Click Here Now!

For specific details, here’s how Tiffany explains her fantastic Fire Sale:

The PLR Mini Mart has a section called Specials where you’ll see the PLR vouchers. Here’s how to use them:

1. Go to the PLR Mini Mart and see what PLR you want – everything in the store EXCEPT the Bundles section is available for this PLR sale. Bundles are off limits because people just paid for Early bird access, WSO sales, etc.

2. Do NOT put it in your cart – just type it up on your computer using the exact name on the site.

3. Then order a voucher from the section called SPECIALS on the site that range from $5 to $100. You can buy more than one if you want! So if you decide to get 150 PLR packs, you would buy a $100 voucher and a $50 voucher.

4. After you buy the voucher, email me your transaction ID or receipt along with the list of the PLR packs that you want to writeconsultant @ (remove the spaces).

I will then send you the PLR as an attachment. The sale includes all PLR except bundles – that means you get the $116 eBook pack, the Mega packs of 57 pages or so, Limited PLR and more for just $1 per pack.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity – only available now through October 21st.

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