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private-label-rightsOkay this isn’t my usual type of blog post but it is something that I feel will be of value to you.

Are you a blogger who uses Private Label Rights material (PLR)? I’ll admit it, I have and one of my favorite sources for super PLR articles is Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Mini Mart. If you are familiar with her store then you know why it is one of my go-to resources.

Tiffany’s articles are always well written with accurate spelling and grammar and a bit of an everyday way of talking. Her writings have a way of connecting with readers and isn’t that what you want in PLR materials?

Now just to be clear, I don’t use the PLR Mini Mart articles as is, I always rewrite them to some degree to give them my own voice and style. I have also used the articles as a trampoline for bouncing off new ideas for future blog posts. They seem to get my creative juices flowing. So why am I telling you this?

Because I have a gift for you!

Today, I am sharing with you a free downloadable up-to-date catalog of almost 800 products that you can find in the PLR Mini Mart. With so much content to look over, having this catalog of products is a great way to dig out treasures for your particular niche.

To give you a quick overview, the PLR Mini Mart provides packets on topics such as:

  • dieting and nutrition
  • alternative health
  • dating and relationships
  • working at home
  • affiliate marketing
  • product reviews
  • click bank product reviews
  • using auto responders
  • assorted holiday PLR
  • and much, much more

Simply click on the link button below and the catalog is yours, and yes it does include my affiliate links but you probably figured on that, didn’t you.

PLR Mini Mart Catalog

Now I understand that there are some who don’t believe in using PLR material in their blogs and I’m cool with that. These bloggers prefer to create their own original content and keep all their articles written using their individual style. I applaud these bloggers because that takes a lot of work.

But keep in mind, if in addition to your blog you create mini niche sites you may find it helpful to use a bit of PLR writing to help build your content.  Many online entrepreneurs do so. Heck you can start a brand-new niche website in minutes by simply using PLR Mini Mart resources.

In addition to great content, Tiffany Lambert has priced her PLR articles and packs at very affordable rates. So check out the catalog or jump right on over to her PLR Mini Mart now.

PLR Mini Mart


Marilyn T


  1. I love Tiffany’s stuff, even though I have not bought much from her lately. I own MOST of her PLR, but I haven’t used many of it. I want to create reports, but never got the time to get them done.

    I will eventually. 🙂 LOL

    • I know what you mean Bonnie, I think we all do the same but it’s always there for tweaking and providing inspiration.
      Sorry for the delayed response, somehow I missed your comment.

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