Ping Your Blog – Does It Really Matter?

trafficMany people believe that you should submit your blog posts to various ping services in order to boost traffic. They contend that it’s a great way for your blog to stand up and figuratively say “hey, over here, look at me!”

You may recall that earlier this month I ran a three week unofficial experiment using different ping services to determine if submitting my posts to these services would indeed boost traffic. I used Google Ping the first week, Pingoat the second, and Pingler the third.

In addition to the ping submissions, I continued to send out notifications via social media, as usual – primarily Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon. I did not ping any posts during week four and five in order to establish comparison data.

While using multiple ping services was important some years back, it may no longer be necessary. Why?

Well, because WordPress does it for you with each and every new post and revision you make, plus they have done so since 2004. See the folks at WordPress own Ping-O-Matic, a premiere ping service and have incorporated this service into every WordPress installation. So many feel extra ping services are somewhat redundant and do little to help.

I must say after running my experiment that they may be correct. Listed below is a snapshot of my traffic stats and below that an explanation.

ping snapshot

Let’s look at the big picture and compare the month of November to the month of December, or most of it anyway.

93 visits in November versus 341 visits in December – nice increase, but can we say it is due to the ping services? I don’t think so. I believe it reaffirms that the secret to drawing traffic is to submit original content that attracts readers.

Unique, Captivating Content draws blog traffic

Notice that I sadly submitted only 10 blog posts in November, but 24 blog posts in December. That alone gave a visitor something to read – a reason to be there. Then you’ll notice that the third week of December had 126 visits with no non-WordPress pings and that was when I began the “How to Write Super Star Blog Content” series. Traffic the fourth week was understandably down due to Christmas.

Subsequently, my suggestion is to use a ping service occasionally if you wish but focus on content. Quality content, content your reader is searching for, and will return for. Heck they may even subscribe, something you can do right now using the form below. I’d be ever so pleased. : )

Marilyn T


  1. WordPress has an automatic pinger and I tried to find as many ping websites as possible to add to the list but I also use this website to ping my blog posts and website on a regular basis. I think it helps.

  2. Hi Marilyn. Thanks for sharing your research. I would say I agree that more of my traffic comes from quality and quantity of posts as well as social media sharing. Also, building relationships with my blog community and fellow bloggers who share or reblog posts helps. Looking forward to exploring more of your blog. Happy New Year!

    • Welcome Beth, I so enjoy seeing new visitors here and look forward to reading your blog. You are so right, it’s all about great content, providing value, and building relationships. Makes me think of how a country grocery store succeeds.

  3. I also didn’t realize there were all of these ping services!! Thanks for sharing this experiment and I can’t wait to start leveraging some of these as well 🙂

  4. Interesting, I didn’t realize that wordpress owned a ping service already. Blog pinging was something I planned on looking into after having read your series, but after reading this it may not be necessary. Thanks for the info!

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