Secrets to Making People Buy Online

Let’s continue once again with the topic of understanding online buyers. We all recognize that online shopping is no longer the exception – in fact it’s a major component of business. Every marketer from the massive discount stores to the local … [Continue reading]

Online Marketing Winners Are Customer Focused

Working for many years in the service industry, I've lived the old sales adage “the customer is always right.” Our company motto was, “customer focused, quality driven” and we believed it. We became the best because we proved our motto in our actions … [Continue reading]

Do You Know the Right Online Marketer Questions to Ask?

Learning how to connect with your readers and actually turn your visitors into subscribers means that you need to know the right questions to ask. You need to know where to find those questions and learn to understand their importance. Experienced … [Continue reading]

Blog Success Forecaster Review

I discovered an interesting little program the other day and decided I would document using it as I went along so that I could share my impressions with you here. The name of the product is Blog Success Forecaster and as the name implies, its purpose … [Continue reading]

Power Suggest Pro an Essential Online Marketing Tool

I've had a couple recommendations land in my email inbox for this tool from marketers I trust so I thought I’d check it out. I am so glad I did! This essential tool is Power Suggest Pro, maybe you've heard of it too. There are so many keyword tools … [Continue reading]

Should You Use the WordPress Full Screen Feature?

Today’s post is another in the WordPress Wednesday series that I pop into every so often and it may turn out to be a secret WordPress gem. Were you aware that there’s a full screen editor within WordPress? Most of us are familiar with the … [Continue reading]

Is Your Comment Box Hiding?

Do you pay much attention to the comment box on your blog? You do have one right? As I read a number of assorted blogs, I’m often surprised with the appearance or lack of comment boxes. Most are very easy to find and access whereas others are rather … [Continue reading]

Today in History Fab Friday Share

To start off this week’s Fab Friday Blog Share let’s take a break and look at memorable events through history that took place on this date. After all it’s Friday, you’ve worked hard this week and you deserve to take a refreshing break. Born … [Continue reading]

Fab Friday Blog Share

Here it is, Fab Friday Blog Share time once again and I think you’re going to enjoy this week’s great finds. Personally number five on the list was a goldmine for me. I’ve had a very productive week getting back in the swing of posting to this … [Continue reading]

5 Big Mistakes That Bloggers Make

I decided to expand on those common blogging mistakes to help you avoid going down that trail. It’s so easy to do without really noticing and think about all that hard work you’re putting into it. You don’t want that to go to waste. If you haven’t … [Continue reading]