Online Marketing Winners Are Customer Focused

customer focused marketingWorking for many years in the service industry, I’ve lived the old sales adage “the customer is always right.” Our company motto was, “customer focused, quality driven” and we believed it. We became the best because we proved our motto in our actions and our customers became loyal.

But I believe the adage became so over used that it’s rather ineffective any more. In fact, I’d venture to say that its overuse caused it to lose its true meaning for many businesses. For many sales people and brick and mortar retailers their focus became more about money and profit margins than interest in the customer.

Interestingly some people will still grudgingly accept the lack of customer service as the standard of business. They complain but continue to buy anyway thinking that’s just the way it is.

The savvy business owner though knows the importance of keeping the customer happy – whether right or not. It’s not about winning the battle – it’s about winning the customer. The same holds true in your online business. Online shopping, while not face to face, must be more customer-centric than for many local retailers.

Connecting with virtual customers

To develop a rapport with customers in a virtual environment, online marketers had to establish trust and they did it with money back guarantees plus fast delivery. This customer-focused approach not only created trust as planned, but also caused a surprising number of customers to ignore the local stores and shop at major retailers’ online sites.

As you build your online marketing business you must understand how important this tactic is. Once you start creating products if you are not already, you want to position your product as user friendly and open for refund. This of course, is easier with digital downloads and information products than with shipped products.

But even shipped products that offer guaranteed, no questions asked refunds actually have fewer refunds because the consumer usually needs to pay shipping fees.

To be customer-focused, you need to start before the sale.

You want to provide sufficient information about the product – including several photo views if appropriate.

You should think about the questions a buyer might ask and have the answers ready before the question arrives. You include this in your sales copy material or with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

If your product requires specific steps for download or implementation, post those how to instructions on your website after they make their purchase. If applicable post a video showing the steps or demonstrating the instruction. This gives buyers the assurance that they have bought from a trusted source.

Consumer-focused also means that you can be reached easily. Post your email (or support desk if you’ve reached that stage) and a phone number or SKPYE name. Then be sure that those emails go to a designated email box so you can answer them promptly.

In the very least, set up an autoresponder saying that you received the customer’s email and are working on the solution. The more ways you can be contacted, the more the customer feels at ease that you aren’t hiding in some unreachable corner of cyberspace. If you’re looking for an autoresponder service, I highly recommend Aweber, the company I use.

This is your virtual hand shake with your online customer – this is your integrity in action. Always work to create an ongoing buying relationship by demonstrating that you’re a customer-focused online marketer.

When you make a purchase online, especially from Internet marketers how important is it to you that they appear to be customer focused?

Marilyn Thompson


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